Is the 2022 Audi A3 Plug-in Hybrid a Good Car?

The A3 PHEV is exclusive to Europe, but there other options in the Audi plug-in hybrid lineup available to American drivers—learn more here.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
As of 2022, the Audi
plug-in hybrid variant, otherwise known as the TFSI e, is only available in Europe. Whether or not future releases of this model will cross the Pacific Ocean into the United States is unknown.
However, hope is not lost if you want an Audi PHEV on American soil—dealerships currently offer the
with an optional plug-in hybrid variation (TFSI e). 
In this article, the
Jerry team
takes a glimpse across the pond at the specifications of the Audi A3 PHEV and compares it to what’s available in America from the German automaker. And as a bonus, we’ll share our
industry secrets
on how to save hundreds on your
car insurance

Audi A3 Plug-in Hybrid

The Audi A3 TFSI e plug-in hybrid is exclusively available in Europe and can not be found in American dealerships.
Marketing from across the pond says it can achieve upwards of 40 miles in pure electric range before switching to traditional gas power. But after researching some customer reviews, it seems 25 to 28 miles is more accurate.
We may never know the whole truth because there isn’t any hint that this model will become available in the United States soon. In fact, Europe is already considering the possibility of phasing out plug-in hybrids altogether. 
According to a
Reuters report
, regulators plan to ban manufacturers from labeling PHEVs as “sustainable investments” beyond 2025. This is an attempt to expedite the transition to fully-electric vehicles. So the window might be closing on America's opportunity to get their hands on the Audi A3 TFSI e.
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Available Audi PHEVs

However, America hasn’t gotten the complete cold-shoulder from Audi’s plug-in hybrid division—both the Q5 TFSI e and the A7 TFSI e are available. Here is how they perform, according to the
U.S. Department of Energy
Starting price
Fuel economy (gas only)
Fuel economy (gas + electric)
Driving range
Charging time (Level 2)
2022 Audi Q5 TFSI e
26 mpg
61 MPGe
23 miles
2.5 hours
2022 Audi A7 TFSI e
27 mpg
70 MPGe
26 miles
2.5 hours
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