What Is Tesla Dog Mode?

If you’ve got a four-legged passenger in your Model 3, you need to know about Tesla dog mode.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
For those hot summer days when you feel like your windshield could fry an egg, there’s
dog mode—the secret climate control feature that keeps your canine co-pilot safe and cool even in the heat. 
Released in 2019, Tesla dog mode does two things: it maintains a safe cabin temperature when you leave your dog in the car, and it notifies passers-by that the dog is safe and comfortable. With these two functions, dog mode ensures that you won’t return to a suffering pet or a broken window. 
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as easy as sending a text. We’ll show you how to put a Tesla in dog mode, how the Tesla dog mode screen works, and which Tesla models have dog mode for you and your furry passenger. 

What is Tesla dog mode? 

Tesla’s dog mode is a climate control feature designed to protect dogs and other pets from overheating when they’re left in a parked car. It’s different from Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Prevention feature, which keeps the interior of your vehicle from exceeding a certain safe temperature when no one is in the car—including animals
When you turn on dog mode, you’ll be able to set the temperature in the car according to your pet’s needs. Because Teslas are electric, it’s easy to run the A/C when the car is off—and you’ll get a notification on your smartphone if the battery level dips below 20% while you’re still away. On super-hot days, this feature could be a literal lifesaver—and it can run the heater in cold weather, too!  
Dog mode also includes a message to passers-by on the central touchscreen, reading “My owner will be back soon.” The Tesla dog mode screen also lists the internal temperature of the car, setting people’s minds at ease. This feature ensures that concerned strangers won’t try to meddle with your car out of concern for your pet. 
Basically, Tesla dog mode is a high-tech way of doing
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How to turn on Tesla dog mode

To turn on dog mode in your Tesla, simply follow these steps: 
  • Locate the fan icon at the bottom of your touchscreen. 
  • When the “Keep Climate On” menu pops up, select “Dog” 
  • Choose your temperature settings 
  • Depart with confidence that your furry friend will stay cool and safe
If you prefer using voice commands in your Tesla, just say “Turn dog mode on” to set up a cool climate for your pet! 
Dog mode will remain on as long as you’re gone. If the battery drains past 20%, dog mode stays on as long as possible—but it will turn off eventually if the battery loses all power, so it’s a good idea to get back to the car as fast as you can. (Plus, you’ll avoid being stranded with a dead battery.) 
If your battery capacity is already under 20%, dog mode will not turn on. In this situation, it’s better not to leave your animal in the car. Find a charging station, bring the dog with you, or simply skip whatever indoor errand you had planned and head home to keep your best friend safe and comfortable. 

How long can you leave Tesla dog mode on?

Tesla dog mode runs on the same battery power as your car’s motor, consuming approximately four miles of range per hour. In a
Model 3
with a full battery charge, you could theoretically leave dog mode on for 68 hours before turning it off (though we don’t recommend leaving a dog in a car for that long, anyway!). 
Just keep an eye on your battery capacity, and you should be fine. That’s where Tesla’s helpful “below 20%” notification comes in handy. 
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Which Teslas have dog mode? 

Dog mode is a feature on every single Tesla made today, and older models can receive over-the-air updates for dog mode. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a Model 3, a
Model Y
, or a super-sleek, high-powered
Model S
, you and your dog will be comfortable. 
The only Tesla with no dog mode capability is the original 2011 Tesla Roadster—so if you’ve got your eye on a used Roadster, keep your pet in mind before making the final decision! 

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Yes! In some states, leaving a dog or other pet in a dangerously hot car is illegal, but Tesla dog mode is specifically designed to maintain safe conditions for the animal.
Yes—every Tesla Model 3 has dog mode.
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