7 Exotic Electric Cars That Show What the Future May Hold

Car enthusiasts don’t have to give up speed for better fuel economy, and these electric cars can prove it. Even your favorite classic exotic cars can be altered.
Written by Kerry Gibson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
It’s no secret that electric cars are quickly taking over the new car market. They’ve come a long way in the past two decades, since the introduction of
and the
Toyota Prius
. These exotic electric cars are a testament to the industry’s innovation.
Car owners don’t need to sacrifice beautiful design or speed when they upgrade to an electric ride. They can even modify the
luxury cars
they already own. Either option may cost a small fortune, but that’s par for the course.

Some exotic electric cars worth a double take

1. Ferrari SF90 Stradale
A mid-engine hybrid like its LaFerrari predecessor, this car is equipped with two electric motors for all-wheel drive. The twin-turbo V8 will have a total power output of 986 hp.
2. Lotus Evija
It’s been nearly a decade since the carmaker released a new model, but the power was worth the wait. This exotic electric car produces 1,972 hp. A 70 kWh battery supplies the four e-motors. Unlike its lightweight, combustion engine siblings, the Evija weighs in at 3,700 lbs.
3. Tesla Roadster
This car made its debut in 2017 but has not hit the production line yet.
speculates the electric car will be equipped with a triple-motor powertrain, 200 kWh battery, and offer up to 1,000 hp. The company has even hinted at hovering capabilities.
4. Maserati MC20
Using state-of-the-art techniques, this car was developed quickly. Although the 621 hp  twin-turbo V6 is paired to a gas powertrain, a faster electric version is coming down the pipeline. This luxury supercar represents a rapid timeline for innovation.
5. McLaren Elva
The unusual design of this car indicates the future of aerodynamics. The Active Air Management System allows for an open-roof, all while moving at 804 hp.
6. Rimac C_Two
This all-electric hyper car will move from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds and top out at 256 mph. It boasts an impressive 1,887 hp. The company supplies other manufacturers with components, so we may see this kind of performance from other brands very soon.
7. Koenigsegg Gemera
With 1,677 hp, this hypercar is considered the first “Mega-GT.” It has three electric motors paired to a single-speed direct-drive transmission, and a twin-turbo 2.0-liter inline three-cylinder engine.
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The benefits of exotic electric cars

With rising fuel prices, luxury car owners may be interested in modifying their treasured rides. Aside from the economical benefits, electric vehicles are also exempt from emissions tests. 
believes the following cars to be prime real estate for an electric conversion.
The Ferrari Mondial was a heavyweight sports car at 3,600 lbs. This means it could handle some large batteries and pair them to its rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive platform.
The Lamborghini Jalpa is the perfect candidate for a Tesla Model S powertrain. It’s a reliable vehicle, with convenient engine placement and it could benefit from more than 250 hp.
The Lotus Elan is lighter than a Formula 1 car, so it could easily handle Ford’s Eluminator electric powertrain. The 281 hp pairs well with the vehicle’s already superb steering and suspension.
The Honda Beat is definitely not considered a supercar, but would certainly benefit from an electric conversion. The little ‘90s roadster had a mid-rear engine, rear-wheel drive, and just 63 hp. There’s nothing greener than recycling an old classic by turning it into a faster exotic electric car.
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Insuring your exotic electric cars

Whether you choose to retrofit a vintage ride or invest in a brand new exotic electric car, the options are endless. Especially as EVs continue to innovate and car companies adopt electric platforms at such a rapid pace.
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