2025 Porsche 718 Is Going Fully Electric

Like many other automakers, Porsche is in the process of converting its lineup to electric. The 2025 718 is the latest electric announcement from the company.
Written by Ru Chen
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
A Porsche logo on the front of a white car.
Car enthusiasts have been long-time fans of
’s 718 line, which has been their more affordable line of sports cars.
Electric conversions
are becoming more popular in recent years across the auto industry. So it only makes sense that Porsche is making plans to electrify the 718, what do we know so far about these plans? 

The 2025 Porsche 718 is a fully electric sports car

A few months ago,
Car and Driver
reported that the new Porsche 718 will be a fully electric vehicle (EV). However we won’t see this EV until the 2025 model year. 
reported that the Porsche 718 EV replacement will have a midship design. The Porsche electric motor will be roughly in the same place as where the current engine sits in the combustion Cayman and Baxter models. 
This design aims to keep the driving experience of the EV as close as possible to the current internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalent. A big selling point of sports cars is the handling and agility, so Porsche wants to maintain those advantages. 
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The future of Porsche 

Some fans are worried that with the future being all electric for Porsche, it may mean the end of high performance race cars.
After all, high performance racing often relies on aftermarket devices to bump up the vehicle power—which creates more emissions. 
However, Porsche has also been investing in
electric batteries
for their race cars. 
Not only is the 718 line going to be electric in the future, but Porsche claims that they will look towards creating electric technology for race cars so that their electric vehicles can still be high performance, highly impressive. 
From now until 2025, there will still be non-electric Porsche cars.

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