2022 BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model S: Which Luxury EV Is Better?

BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model S; a battle of luxury electric cars. Which EV proves to be a better choice?
Written by Andrew Kidd
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
With electric vehicles now flooding the market, luxury car makers like
are trying to compete for
market share
with established EV makers like Tesla. So, can the 2022 BMW i4 hang with the Tesla Model S? While we can't decide that for you, we can give you some info that might help you jump to your own conclusions.

2022 Tesla Model S vs. BMW i4: which is more affordable?

The most obvious difference between these two vehicles is the price tag. An all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S starts at $99,990, while the BMW i4 will set you back a more palatable $55,400. 
If you opt for the top trim levels of these two cars—the Tesla Model S Plaid and the BMW i4 m50 Gran Coupe—it'll set you back a little more. The Plaid starts at an eye-watering $135,990, while the M50 starts at a much more agreeable $65,900.
Neither of these cars is what we'd call "affordable," but considering the Model S and i4 are the No. 3 and No. 8 luxury electric cars reviewed by U.S. News, respectively, the pricing tracks for what they offer.
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Tesla offers more standard features on the 2022 Model S

As indicated by
U.S. News
, The Tesla Model S may be pricey, but it offers a lot more standard features and much more power output than the less-expensive BMW i4. 
The Model S, which comes standard with AWD, produces 670 horsepower compared with the base i4's meager-by-comparison 335 horsepower. Tesla advertises a range of 375-405 miles for the base model S and 348-396 miles for the Model S Plaid, while BMW estimates 282-301 miles for its base i4 and 227-270 miles for the M50.
On top of standard AWD, the Model S comes with features like a panoramic roof, a heated steering wheel, a premium sound system, an onboard hard disk drive, WiFi hotspot, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist and active suspension among other premium features that are either optional or unavailable on the i4.

Big performance, bigger price

When you opt for the performance models, the Tesla Model S produces a whopping 1,020 horsepower compared with the BMW i4's 536 horsepower. Is that 350-horsepower bump up from the base Model S worth the additional $36,000 on its price tag? Probably not for the average luxury car buyer, but this is definitely an enthusiast's EV.
Someone in the market for a luxury EV might, however, be more likely to opt for the relatively inexpensive upgrade from the base i4 to the M50 Gran Touring, given the relatively less staggering price increase of $10,500 for a 201-horsepower bump with an AWD upgrade.

2022 BMW i4 vs. Tesla Model S: which one should I get?

As always, the best way to determine which of these electric vehicles is right for you is to take them for a spin by visiting your nearest BMW or Tesla dealer and asking for a test drive. Only then can you truly get an idea of what these vehicles can offer.
For our money, the lower entry price and access to federal tax credits makes the 2022 BMW i4 hard to pass up.
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