2013 Nissan Leaf Battery Charge Time

It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 21 hours to fully charge a 2013 Nissan Leaf battery. Keep reading to find both the recommended and fastest ways to charge.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
The fastest way to charge your 2013 Nissan Leaf is using the public quick charge method. It only takes 30 minutes to get to 80% battery capacity! However, Nissan recommends using a Level 2 charger to get the most out of the battery life.
It’s wonderful not having to rely on gas to drive your Nissan Leaf, but you do have to factor charging time into your travels. Fortunately, the 2013 Nissan Leaf updated the onboard charger, cutting the battery charging time in half. 
If you’re new to the world of electric cars, we’ll review the possible charging methods for the 2013 Nissan Leaf, including at-home and public charging methods. We’ll also cover the manufacturer’s recommendations to help you prolong your Leaf’s battery life.
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How long does a 2013 Nissan Leaf take to charge?

It takes anywhere from 30 minutes for a partial charge to 21 hours for a full charge. Charging times fluctuate depending on the charger you use and the ambient temperature when you charge the vehicle. All 2013 Nissan Leaf trim levels feature the same 24kWh 360V lithium-ion battery, which gives them a 75-mile range. In this case, the battery type doesn’t change the charging times. 
Here are the average charge times for all 2013 Nissan Leaf trim levels:
  • Trickle charge: 21 hours
  • Regular charge: 4–7 hours
  • Quick charge: 30 minutes to reach 80% battery
Since all trim levels have the same battery, the type of charger makes the biggest difference in charging times. You can charge your Leaf at home, at a friend’s house in a pinch, or at a public charging station. 
Now that you know the basics, let’s discuss charging speeds.
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At-home charging speeds for a 2013 Nissan Leaf

Your Nissan Leaf comes with a Nissan Portable Charge Cable that plugs into a standard three-pronged household outlet. You can plug the cable into a dedicated 15 amp, 120-volt outlet to charge. This is known as a Level 1 charger.
Level 1 charging is convenient because you can typically find a compatible outlet at most homes, so you could charge your Leaf at a friend’s house. However, Level 1 charging is the slowest method and Nissan doesn’t recommend it for regular use. The Leaf charges at a rate of 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging time. To save you the math problem, this works out to around 20 hours of charging to reach a full battery. 
Fortunately, you’ve got other options for charging your Nissan Leaf at home. Purchase a Level 2 charger and get it installed by a technician. They’ll install it on a dedicated 50-amp, 220- to 240-volt circuit. While you will have to pay anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for the charger and installation, it makes charging your Leaf a breeze!
Plug your Nissan’s charge cable into the Level 2 charging device, and that’s it. Many owners like to plug their vehicles in before going to bed. Your Nissan Leaf will be back at full battery capacity within 4 to 7 hours, charging at a rate of 10 to 25 range miles per hour. This method is considered normal charging time, and it’s what Nissan recommends because it prolongs the lithium-ion battery.

Public charging speeds for a 2013 Nissan Leaf 

Charging your Nissan Leaf at home is usually the most convenient option, even if it does take a few hours. However, if you find yourself away from home and your Leaf needs a charge, head to a public charging station. Malls, shopping centers, and parking garages often have a DC fast charger or Level 2 charger that’s compatible with your 2013 Nissan Leaf. Do a quick Google search to find charging stations near you.
For the fastest possible charging method, plug the 480-volt DC fast charger into the Quick Charge Port on your Leaf. Within 30 minutes, your battery should be at 80%. This is considered Level 3 charging. Note that the Quick Charge Port is standard on the Nissan Leaf SL, but it’s an optional feature on the
Nissan Leaf S
Nissan Leaf SV
If you find a public Level 2 charging station, you can plug the car into the 240-volt outlet. You’ll get the same charging times—10 to 25 range miles per hour—as the Level 2 charging device that you’ve installed at home. Since it takes 4 to 7 hours for a full charge, use the public Level 2 charger if you know you’ll be shopping or dining for a while.
The DC Fast Charger is the quickest way to charge your 2013 Nissan Leaf battery, with 80% charge time in as little as 30 minutes. Keep in mind that while this sounds fast, the charging times slow down outside of the 20% to 80% charge range. This means you might see the Leaf charge to 80% in 20 to 30 minutes, but it may take another 30 to 40 minutes for the battery to reach a full charge.
Nissan recommends that you don’t use the DC Fast Charger regularly since it can shorten the lithium-ion’s battery life. Instead, use the Level 3 charging if you need a quick charge to get home or finish an errand. Then, plug your Leaf into your home charger.

Ambient temperature and battery charge

Factor in longer charging times if the temperature is 32°F (0°C) or less. You might notice that the battery can’t complete a full charge, especially if you’re using a Level 1 (trickle) charger. Don’t worry—your Nissan Leaf’s charging capacities should get back to normal when the ambient temperature goes back up.

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