Vermont Red Light Camera

Red light cameras in Vermont do not issue traffic citations.
Written by John Pickhaver
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Vermont does not have any laws or state programs regarding red light cameras. There are no red light cameras that issue tickets in Vermont. 
You may view running a red light as only a minor mistake, but this far too common violation is cause for more critical injuries and fatalities than almost any other traffic offense. 
Red light cameras capture video and photo evidence of traffic violations at city intersections. While red light cameras have been shown to reduce fatal car accidents, they are not without fault. Many states, including Vermont, do not use red light cameras to issue citations to motorists. 
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There are no state laws regarding red light cameras in Vermont. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHSS), Vermont is one of 27 states that does not have any state laws or state programs regarding red light cameras or traffic cameras for that matter. 
However, just because there are no red light camera tickets in Vermont, doesn’t mean you should ignore the danger associated with running a light. Doing so puts you and others at risk of great bodily harm. 

What should I do if I receive a red light ticket in Vermont?

Like all states, Vermont does have penalties when it comes to being pulled over by law enforcement for running a red light. There can be a $220 fine for such an offense and it can add points to your license, which will for sure cause your insurance rates to increase!

How does a red light camera work?

A red light camera is a traffic enforcement camera. The sensors in traffic lights are used by red light cameras to capture photo and video footage of offending vehicles that enter an intersection once the light has turned red. If you run a light at an intersection with a red light camera, the system will photograph your vehicle and record your license plate number along with the following information: 
  • Date and time of the incident 
  • Vehicle speed
  • Location
  • Amount of time since the light turned red
Law enforcement analyzes the footage sent by red light cameras and issues tickets based on the vehicle’s registration. If you live in a state where red light cameras are legal, be sure to keep your registration up to date so that the tickets are not sent to the wrong address. It may seem like a convenient excuse, but you’ll still be on the hook for payment. 

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The DMV only sends red light camera tickets through the mail. If you get a phone call or email about a red light ticket, it’s a scam. If you receive a letter that’s missing information such as a court date or one that includes suspicious URLs, it’s probably not legitimate. 
Vermont doesn’t issue red light camera tickets. But if you receive a red light ticket that you’re not sure is legitimate, check with the DMV.
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