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Will reckless driving affect my employment?
I’m between jobs, but I recently received a reckless driving charge. I wasn’t under the influence or anything, but I’m still worried that it may cause problems getting a job. Does a reckless driving charge affect my chances to gain employment?
Eric Schad
Jan 31, 2022
How long does reckless driving affect insurance?
Last year, I was cited for reckless driving, and had to pay a large fine, do community service, and take some driving courses. After my violation, my insurance rates jumped up quite a bit, and they still haven’t fallen back down. How much longer will my reckless driving violation impact my insurance rate?
Samuel Todd
Feb 15, 2022
How does a cop know which car was speeding?
How do radar guns work? I got a speeding ticket. There were two other cars around me, so how did the cop know it was me who was speeding?
Phoebe Mah
Nov 11, 2021
Is speeding considered reckless driving?
One of my friends was charged with reckless driving about a week ago, but he swears that he wasn’t doing anything unsafe other than going about 15 mph over the speed limit. So out of curiosity, is speeding considered reckless driving?
Eric Schad
Jan 28, 2022
How do I get my Colorado driving record?
I had a run of really bad luck last year, and even though I’m driving better, I’m really paranoid that another ticket could get my license suspended. I need to know how many demerit points I have. How can I get a copy of my Colorado driving record?
Jasmine Kanter
Apr 01, 2022
How long will it take for your driving record to clear?
I’ve had my share of traffic tickets, but these days I’ve been a lot better about being a responsible driver. I really want a clean driving record—how long will it take?
Mary Cahill
Feb 03, 2022
Does negligent driving affect insurance?
I was ticketed for negligent driving earlier this month. While I paid the fine and everything is good legally speaking, I’m worried that my upcoming car insurance renewal will increase my rate. Will a negligent driving ticket affect my insurance?
Eric Schad
Feb 11, 2022
What will my insurance rate be after a ticket?
I currently pay $170 a month for insurance. I recently got a ticket for running a stop sign. What will my insurance rate be now that I have a ticket?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
Can I mail my defensive driving certificate to the court?
I recently received a traffic ticket and was required by the court to go to traffic school. Now that I have my certificate of completion, how can I submit it to the court? Can I send my defensive driving certificate in the mail?
Jacqulyn Graber
Mar 29, 2022
How fast over the speed limit is considered reckless driving?
I got pulled over for speeding, but instead, the officer charged me with reckless driving. I didn’t realize I was speeding that bad. What speed over the speed limit is considered reckless driving?
Pat Roache
Feb 04, 2022
If someone gets a speeding ticket in my car, who pays for it—the driver or me?
Does a speeding ticket follow the car or the driver? My cousin received a speeding ticket when she borrowed my car. She said she would pay for it but I am a little nervous that she won't. If she doesn't pay for it, who will get in trouble: me or her?
Shannon Martin
Aug 27, 2021
Do moving violations impact car insurance rates?
I have a ticket for improper passing. Is my insurance higher because of this?
Emily Maracle
Oct 11, 2021
My car insurance company wants to drop my policy, what can I do?
Can I do anything to prevent my insurance company from dropping me? My insurance company wants to discontinue my policy because of the amount of speeding tickets I have.
Gracie Hanson
Jul 23, 2021
Will my speeding ticket say reckless driving?
I just got pulled over recently and got a speeding ticket. How do I know if my ticket citation will say reckless driving?
Tiffany Leung
Feb 02, 2022
What is considered reckless driving in Idaho?
I’m going to be visiting Idaho for a short road trip in a few weeks, and I want to be prepared. I know that the driving laws are different in each state, so I want to make sure I’m following the rules while I’m there. What is considered “reckless driving” in Idaho?
Tiffany Leung
Jan 19, 2022
Are there ways to prevent speeding tickets from impacting insurance?
How can I prevent my insurance cost from growing? I currently have multiple speeding tickets on my driving record and am seeing a huge increase in my insurance rate.
Gracie Hanson
Jul 23, 2021
Can you have a reckless driving citation expunged in Florida?
I have a reckless driving citation that I got in my hometown of Miami recently, and I’m worried about it impacting my car insurance, or showing up on background checks. Can I get reckless driving charges expunged in Florida?
Michelle Ballestrasse
Jan 21, 2022
When does a driving conviction fall off your record?
I was pulled over about two weeks ago and received a speeding ticket. I know that speeding tickets add points to your license and can increase your insurance rates. How long do I have to wait until a driving conviction falls off my record?
Eric Schad
Jan 31, 2022
Will I lose my license for reckless driving?
I need my car to commute to work and to drive my kids around to all their activities. I was recently charged with reckless driving and I’m nervous that my license could be suspended. Will I lose my license for reckless driving?
Rob Shapiro
Jan 21, 2022
How fast do you need to go for it to be considered reckless driving?
I was recently given a speeding ticket for driving 12 miles above the speed limit. Now I’m worried that I am going to be charged with reckless driving as well. When does a speeding ticket become a reckless driving charge?
Sean Boehme
Jan 28, 2022
Is driving without a license a violation of probation?
I got a DUI last year, and I’m still on probation. It’s hard for me to make it to my job on time without driving myself there, but I definitely don’t want to get in even more trouble. Does driving without a license violate my probation terms?
Kaitlin May
Jan 26, 2022
When do you have to stop for a school bus?
I just moved out of the city and into the suburbs with a lot more families—especially kids. I’m new to the whole residential thing and I pass a lot of schools on my commute. When are you supposed to stop for a school bus?
Pat Roache
Apr 01, 2022
What is the difference between road rage and aggressive driving?
Road rage and aggressive driving seem really similar. I’m not sure how to tell them apart. Is road rage the same as aggressive driving?
Liz Jenson
Jan 20, 2022
What is considered reckless driving in New Hampshire?
I was pulled over and issued a ticket for reckless driving in New Hampshire. I have a court date coming up, but I want to research everything I can about the charge itself. What’s considered reckless driving in NH and what can I do to beat the charge?
Eric Schad
Jan 31, 2022
Can moving violations impact your car insurance rates?
I got a ticket for running a red light and improper passing. Will this affect my insurance?
Emily Maracle
Jul 29, 2021
Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor?
I just got a speeding ticket, and now I’m freaking out. Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor? Can I go to jail for this? I was only going six miles over the speed limit!
Sarah Gray
Mar 04, 2022
How much over the stated speed limit is reckless driving?
My friend tends to speed when they’re on the freeway, and it seems pretty dangerous. I told them to stop because they could be charged with reckless driving, but they don’t believe me. At what speed over the limit does it become reckless driving?
Joshua Levy
Feb 14, 2022
What speed do you have to drive to be charged with reckless driving?
I was recently pulled over and the officer said I was driving 21 mph over the speed limit. Now I’m worried that I’m going to be charged with reckless driving as a result.
Sean Boehme
Jan 28, 2022
What is the difference between careless driving and reckless driving?
I was pulled over last week for not signaling before I changed lanes on the highway. I was given a ticket for “careless driving” but not reckless driving. Now I’m confused… is there a difference between careless driving and reckless driving?
Macy Fouse
Feb 14, 2022
What happens when you are at a police stop and realize you forgot your purse at home?
What happens if you forget your driver's license at home? I forgot my purse on the way to the store the other day. Nothing happened thank goodness, but my husband says he never brings his wallet with him. He just keeps cash in a money clip. I thought you needed to have your license with you when driving a car?
Shannon Martin
Jul 27, 2021

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