New Jersey Red Light Cameras

New Jersey doesn’t use red light cameras, but you can still receive a ticket from a police officer with fines, driver’s license points, and potential jail time.
Written by Michelle Ballestrasse
Edited by Pat Roache
Red light cameras are no longer used in
New Jersey
, but police officers can still issue red light violation citations with fines of $50 to $200, up to 15 days in jail, and points on your
driving record
  • The program enforcing red light camera systems in New Jersey was allowed to expire in the state legislature in 2014, rendering these systems illegal.
  • Police officers are solely responsible for enforcing New Jersey’s traffic laws, making it much harder to contest a ticket for a red light violation.
  • Motorists can contest a red light ticket, but it’s going to be more difficult considering they’ll be testifying against the issuing police officer.

New Jersey does not use red light cameras

The following means of traffic camera enforcement are prohibited in the Garden State:
  • Red light cameras
  • Speed cameras
The history of NJ red light cameras: The state of New Jersey had a pilot program from 2009 to 2014 known as the Red Light Running (RLR) automated enforcement system, but
the Senate allowed the red light camera program to expire
in December of 2014. 
Lawmakers have stalled recent attempts to reimplement red light cameras in New Jersey, citing yellow light disparities as a main source of concern. Some have even introduced bills that would virtually prevent an out-of-state Motor Vehicle Commission from issuing red light camera tickets to New Jersey drivers.
At this time, New Jersey can still receive red light violation tickets from the following:
  • New Jersey patrol officers
  • Patrol officers while traveling out-of-state
  • Red light cameras in other jurisdictions or municipalities
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Red light tickets in New Jersey

A police officer can still issue you a citation for running a red traffic light at an intersection in New Jersey. These tickets carry the following potential penalties:

How to pay a red light ticket 

You can pay the fine for a New Jersey traffic violation:
  • Online
  • By mail, or 
  • In person. 
Check the details on your ticket for specific directions. 
Expert tip: Consider enrolling in a defensive driving course once you’ve paid off the ticket. Successful completion will offset the points you’ve incurred from the violation, and you could even earn a
car insurance discount

How to fight a red light ticket

You can contest a red light violation ticket by
contacting the New Jersey Municipal Court
to schedule a hearing.
What to do: Decide whether you’re going to hire a traffic ticket lawyer or represent yourself, then gather all pertinent evidence to support your plea. You’ll be testifying against the officer who issued your ticket, so proving it was issued in error is going to be difficult.
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Red light tickets can only be issued by police officers in New Jersey. If you’ve received a New Jersey red light camera ticket in the mail, it is probably fraudulent.
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