Geico Learner’s Permit Insurance

GEICO does not offer car insurance to individuals without a valid driver’s license, but learner’s permit drivers can be added to an existing policy.
Written by Rebecca Wardell
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Drivers in every state (except
New Hampshire
) must obtain an amount of
minimum required car insurance
regardless of whether they’ve been on the road for years or are first-time drivers with a learner’s permit.
An above-average customer satisfaction rating, a wide selection of discounts, and nationwide availability make GEICO insurance an attractive option when picking an auto insurance provider to meet those minimum requirements.
Whether you’re a new driver looking for your own car insurance policy or a parent looking to add your 16-year old to your existing policy, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll dive into GEICO’s insurance for drivers with a learner’s permit, including the coverage you should consider and how to get it.

Do you need car insurance with a learner’s permit?

Yes. In almost every state, there are minimum amounts of car insurance that any person who is operating a motor vehicle must carry.
This, however, is complicated by the fact that most insurance companies won’t offer auto insurance to an individual who is not a fully licensed driver. Because of this, drivers who only have a learner’s permit are often added to an existing policy (like a parent’s insurance policy).
Some auto insurance companies only require that the learner’s permit driver be added to the existing policy once they have obtained their full driver’s license. Other insurance companies, like GEICO, require that new drivers be added to an existing car insurance policy once they get a learner’s permit.
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Does GEICO offer insurance for learner’s permits?

GEICO will not offer a car insurance policy to any driver without a valid driver’s license. They do, however, ask that teen drivers and college students be added to an existing policy (like a parent’s policy) once they have a learner’s permit. Despite fewer driving privileges, new drivers are still extra susceptible to car accidents and other risk factors that auto insurance protects against.
Adding a new driver to an existing GEICO policy usually won’t affect the policyholder’s insurance premium because drivers with a learner’s permit are expected to be supervised at all times behind the wheel. Rates tend to rise once the new driver becomes fully licensed.

What kind of car insurance coverage does a student driver need?

Student drivers, like other drivers, need to have the minimum amount of car insurance required for their state. The requirement is usually met if the new driver is added to an existing policy that already meets the state minimum requirements.

How to get GEICO car insurance with a learner’s permit

Adding a student driver to an existing policy

Adding a student driver to an existing policy with GEICO is relatively easy and tends to be cheaper than getting them their own policy. To add a student driver to an existing policy, contact a GEICO insurance agent when they get their learner’s permit.

Buying separate car insurance for a student driver

Until a student driver graduates to a fully licensed driver, it will be difficult to obtain their own policy. Most insurance providers, including GEICO, will not sell auto insurance to anyone without a driver’s license.
Student drivers should be added to an existing policy until they become a fully licensed driver. After obtaining a full license, they have the option to switch to their own insurance policy.

How to save on GEICO car insurance costs as a student driver

When a student driver is added to an existing policy, it is unlikely that the auto insurance rate for the policy will increase until that driver is fully licensed. When the student driver becomes fully licensed, however, rates tend to increase because new drivers are considered high-risk.
It’s generally cheaper to add a newly licensed driver to an existing policy than it is for the new driver to purchase a separate policy. Regardless, cheap car insurance rates aren’t impossible to find.
Comparison shop for car insurance quotes to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your policy. Car insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. The best car insurance company for you will depend on your driving record, driver discount eligibility, personal characteristics, and more.
Consider the car. Once fully licensed, new drivers’ insurance costs tend to climb—especially if it’s car insurance for teens. Insurance for conventional vehicles tends to be lower, so consider driving an older family car to keep costs low.
Look for discounts. Here are some GEICO discounts to check out:
  • Good student discount: full-time students with good grades can save up to 15% on some types of coverage.
  • Defensive driving discount: drivers who complete an accepted defensive driving course may qualify for savings. In some cases, this only applies to drivers over 55.
  • Driver’s education discount: young drivers who completed an accepted driver’s ed course may be eligible for savings.
“I was worried that adding my 16-year-old daughter would spike my insurance rates. I called and spoke to Tim, who was pleasant to work with and got me new rate savings.
really helped me save thousands.” —Marshall D.
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Yes, GEICO allows permissive use.
Permissive use
refers to coverage for individuals who are listed by name on your policy as someone who occasionally drives your vehicle (generally twelve times per year or less).
Most big insurance companies—like GEICO,
, and
State Farm
—allow permissive use, but it’s always a good idea to double-check with your insurance agency.
Yes. All individuals operating a motor vehicle in Florida are required to follow
Florida’s minimum car insurance laws
Yes, any individual who is operating a motor vehicle is required to follow
Georgia's minimum car insurance laws
. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider if your child should be added to your policy when they obtain their learner’s permit or when they obtain their driver’s license.
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