Progressive Car Insurance Quotes: What You Need to Know

This is a complete guide to Progressive insurance. Here's everything you need to know about Progressive quotes and car insurance packages.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Progressive is one of the most popular car insurance providers in the county, but is their vehicle insurance coverage right for you?
Finding cheap car insurance quotes is one thing but it is also important to find the type of insurance package that can meet your needs in the real world.
Keep reading to find out everything you need to know when considering Progressive car insurance quotes.
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Progressive pros and cons

Cutting-edge online tools make it easy to get a quote on a range of different coverage options
More costly than some providers
Clients get access to 24/7 assistance and roadside assistance
Customer satisfaction is average
A wide range of features, discounts, and multiple coverage options

What is covered by Progressive’s car insurance?

If you are considering investing in a standard car insurance package from Progressive, here are some of their basic
types of insurance
offered. Keep in mind that policies can differ greatly based on many factors such as location, age, and driving records.
Bodily Injury and Property Damage Protection
This will cover any related medical expenses or legal fees up to your policy’s limit if you are found at fault for an accident.
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury and Property Damage
This will cover the potential costs associated with an accident up to your policy’s limit including:
  • Relevant Medical Bills
  • Any loss of income associated directly with the accident
  • The damages after an accident if the at-fault driver does not have existing liability coverage
Medical Payments
This will cover the cost of any medical care that you or your passengers might require following an accident. Progressive also extends their
medical coverage
to cover the costs of medical expenses for clients who have been hit by a vehicle while walking or riding a bike.

Optional insurance coverage options

Collision Coverage
When you invest in Progressive’s
Collision Coverage
, you will be covered up to your policy’s limit in the event that your vehicle is involved in any kind of rollover or collision with another object.
Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
will protect you up to your policy’s limit for any damage or repairs to the vehicle that results from external circumstances including the following:
Hitting an animal
Gap Insurance
Gap insurance
provides coverage for drivers who still have an existing financing plan in place for their vehicles. Should your car be deemed a total loss following an accident, Progressive’s Gap Insurance will cover 25 percent of the remaining cash value that is still owed to the lender.
Pet Injury
Progressive’s Pet Injury Coverage will cover the vet bills for any cat or dog that is injured in a car accident if they are listed in your Collision Coverage policy.
Rental Reimbursement
If you need to rent a vehicle while your car is being repaired after an accident, Progressive’s
Rental Reimbursement
Program might cover up to 30 days of rental costs. This coverage is included with both the Collision and Comprehensive Package options.
Custom Parts and Equipment Value
When you purchase Custom Parts and Equipment Value coverage, Progressive will cover the cost of replacing or repairing certain accessories or aftermarket add-ons that have been damaged in an automobile accident.
This can include:
Roadside Assistance
A Roadside Assistance Coverage plan will pay drivers to cover the cost of towing or other roadside services that are associated with a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.
Classic Car Insurance
Classic Car Insurance
Plan is tailored to the needs of antique, rare, or vintage collectors who want coverage for a classic model that is not driven on a regular basis.
Rideshare Insurance
Rideshare Insurance
is designed to protect vehicles used for the purposes of popular rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, keeping drivers covered any time they are on the job. Keep in mind that this option is only offered in certain states so be sure to enquire to make sure you qualify.

Progressive’s auto insurance discounts

Progressive offers the following discounts:
Multi-policy purchases
Multi-car policies
Continuous insurance coverage options
Teen driver discounts
Good student discounts
Distant student discounts
Good driver snapshot discounts
Online quote and signing discounts
Paperless billing discounts
Automatic payments discounts
Discounts for purchasing a six-month policy upfront
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How much does Progressive car insurance cost?

So what do Progressive car insurance quotes actually look like on paper?
Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your location, your driving record, your age, and the type of tailored options you are looking for, you can expect your Progressive Insurance Policy to be anywhere from as little as $46 a month to as high as $420 a month. Progressive cites the average cost of their policies falling somewhere between about $101 to $223 a month.
For the most part, the cost of your policy will depend largely on the State you live in. For example, if you live in a low-cost state like New York, Vermont, or California, you can expect to pay about $114 a month to insure your vehicle. Meanwhile, if you live in a high-cost state like Connecticut, Georgia, or Michigan, you can expect to shell out about $190 a month.
Of course, there are a lot of other factors that come into play here, including
how much protection you want
. Keep in mind that demographics and driving history also have a role in determining the cost of your policy as well. For instance, the average 30-year-old with a clean driving record could probably count on paying about $136 a month, while a 30-year-old with a bad driving record would be looking at rates closer to $317 a month.
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Progressive vs. other insurance companies

So how does Progressive insurance stack up in relation to other providers?
Most customers report average satisfaction with the services that Progressive offers. This is hardly a stand-out score, but Progressive does tend to rank well in terms of satisfaction rating for ease-of-filing a claim and customer service. On the downside, customers have reported difficulty with the general claims process and canceling their policy.
Generally speaking though, a Progressive policy will often cost less than some of the other big-name providers like
State Farm
, or
. This tends to be especially true for younger or student drivers who have the potential to stack up plenty of great discounts.

How to get a quote with Progressive

One of the easiest ways to get a free quote is to use Progressive’s handy online tool. If you prefer, you can also call or drop by a Progressive branch in person. The easiest and most effective way to find a policy that fits is to take advantage of Jerry’s powerful insurance management tools to find the quote that works for you. It will handle the paperwork and even contact the company on your behalf.
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Progressive’s Accident Forgiveness

In most instances, if you make a claim as a result of an accident, there is a risk that the cost of your insurance might increase. However, Progressive offers two handy accident forgiveness policies that might provide a loophole to drivers who file a claim.
Small Accident Forgiveness
If your claim is less than $500, you don’t have to worry about your insurance rate going up thanks to Progressive’s Small Accident Forgiveness plan.
Large Accident Forgiveness
Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, if you have a large accident that is your first in three years, Progressive will waive the usual insurance increases. Keep in mind that in order to qualify for this service, you need to have been a Progressive customer for at least five years. There are also certain states that aren’t eligible so be sure to check in to make sure that your location applies.

How do customers rate Progressive auto insurance?

According to the
2018 J.D. Power Associates U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
, Progressive’s scores are average in the following categories:
Average ranking in:
Claim Servicing
Estimation Process
First Notice of Loss
Overall Satisfaction
Repair Process
The one standout category where Progressive scores better than most is the Rental Experience category. This could be important to note for anybody who values having a replacement vehicle after an accident.
Likewise, the
2018 U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study
also finds Progressive Insurance to clock in pretty much in the middle across the board, racking up average scores in all of the following categories:
  • Insurer Website
  • Local Agent
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Policy Offerings
To make a long story short, Progressive’s average rating scores aren’t exactly stellar, but they aren’t bad either.

Progressive’s services and features

The Progressive Snapshot Program
This popular program offers drivers an opportunity to save money on their policy by tracking their actual driving habits through their smartphones.
When drivers sign up for the program on their mobile app, they will be sending in actual concrete data that will allow Progressive to calculate a personalized driver score that tailors a policy to their driving needs.
Basically, if you are confident that you are a responsible driver, signing up for the snapshot program could be a good opportunity to save.
The Name Your Price® Tool
The Name Your Price® Tool is an easy-to-use online calculator that allows customers to find the right insurance package according to what they actually want to pay.
You can only afford to pay so much on insurance, and this innovative tool makes it easy for your Progressive Insurance policy to meet your needs while staying within your budget.
The Comparison Feature
Progressive is confident in the value of its policy. To prove it, they offer up a convenient free rate comparison tool that allows you to compare their rates with the other big-name providers.
The Progessive Mobile App
The Progressive Mobile App provides you with easy access to on-the-go services wherever you are.
This will allow you to:
Get easy access to your coverage details and available discounts and options
File a report or add photos to an existing claim
Pay your bill online and view your payment schedule
Monitor your Snapshot® progress
Get a quote or change your policy
Request roadside assistance
Take and submit photos
Keep in touch with your claims agent or representative
Essentially, when you sign up for Progressive, you can definitely count on cashing in on plenty of convenient features to streamline your insurance needs.

How to file a claim with Progressive

Obviously, the best-case scenario is that you never have to file a claim, but life happens. Should you be involved in an accident or have something happen to your vehicle that falls under the coverage options provided by your Progressive Insurance policy, the first thing to do is to reach out as soon as possible.
The easiest way to do this is online or via their mobile app, but it is also possible to call to speak to an agent as well.
Be prepared to provide the following details:
  • The location, date, and time of the accident
  • The names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance policy numbers of anybody else involved
  • A summary of the weather conditions
  • Photo evidence of the accident scene and damage
  • Any relevant copies of the police and/or accident reports
Now that you have filed your claim, review your policy so that you know what to expect. Knowing and understanding your insurance coverage will help you work hand-in-hand with your adjuster to find the best solution possible given the circumstances.
Once your claim is approved, you can proceed with the repairs and secure a replacement vehicle if it is part of your coverage plan.

Payment methods

Progressive Insurance has you covered no matter what your preferred method of payment.
Progressive accepts the following methods of payment:
Payment Types
Automatic online payments
Credit card payments
Electronic checks
Mail payments
Mobile app payments
Online payments
Phone payments
Text payments

Progressive’s car insurance cancellation policy

There are lots of reasons that you might want to
cancel your Progressive insurance policy
, including finding a better rate from another provider. If this is the case, you will want to know how to cancel your policy.
The first thing to note here is that Progressive doesn’t currently include a cancellation option on their mobile app or online platform. This means that you will have to contact their customer service department by phone.
First, call 1-866-416-2003 and indicate that you would like to cancel your policy. You will be asked to provide the effective date of cancellation, so be sure to have thought that information available. They may also ask for the name of your new insurance provider. If you think you might be eligible for any refunds on payment paid in advance, be sure to mention this as well.

How did Progressive start?

Progressive Insurance was established way back in 1937 by two enterprising entrepreneurs named Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. Their goal was to provide vehicle owners with the peace of mind that their valuable assets were protected, and since then, the Progressive Insurance Company has grown to be one of the top insurance providers in the country.
True to the name, Progressive Insurance has been the first to offer convenient options like installment-based premium plans and no-muss, no-fuss drive-in claim outlets which have certainly gone a long way to revolutionizing the way that car insurance works as a whole. Progressive continues to expand the wide array of services that they offer to help make life easier for their clients.

The Takeaway: Is Progressive right for me?

If you are looking for a stand-out insurance provider that goes above-and-beyond to offer exceptional service, Progressive is probably not your best bet. However, if you enjoy flexibility, discounts, and innovative features, Progressive can be a great choice. They offer competitive rates compared to most of the other major competitions, not to mention plenty of convenient opportunities to save.
Keep in mind that the only way to be really sure that a Progressive Insurance package is right for you is to compare car insurance quotes. When it comes to finding the ideal
car insurance
will do all the legwork so you don’t have to because who has time to review all the insurance options available today? Here at Jerry, we’ve got you covered (literally).


Does my car insurance cover other drivers with Progressive?

Coverage for other drivers depends on the situation. If they're in an accident and the a different driver is at-fault, the different driver's insurance will kick in. Your Progressive insurance may cover other drivers using your car if you give them permission to do so.
If you're that 'other driver,' you can make sure you're covered by Progressive with Progressive non-owners insurance.

What is Progressive's 'Name Your Price' tool?

The Name Your Price tool lets you choose a price that works for you, and Progressive will tell you what coverage options you can get at that price.
Basically, you just input some information to get a quote, then you name a price, and then choose a policy based on that price.
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