All About Toyota Eco Mode

Choosing Eco Mode while driving your Toyota can cut down on your gas usage, but it comes at the expense of performance.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
In a Toyota vehicle, you can press the Eco Mode button to reduce engine power, slow throttle response, and limit climate controls to optimize your car’s fuel usage. Using Eco Mode also cuts down on emissions by five to ten percent.
Eco Mode is just one of up to five driving modes in Toyota vehicles. By limiting power consumption from climate control and other features, Eco Mode also reduces fuel usage and can even improve safety while driving.
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What is Toyota’s Eco Mode?

Eco Mode comes standard on most Toyota models. It encourages economical fuel usage and safer driving practices, with the added benefit of reducing emissions while you’re driving.
There are two main ways that Eco Mode accomplishes these benefits: 
  • It adjusts the throttle pedal so it provides a smoother response
  • It reduces the power going to the air conditioner, heated seats, and other features
These may seem like simple adjustments, but Eco Mode uses them to great effect, reducing your Toyota’s emissions, conserving energy, and optimizing fuel consumption. 
By limiting how fast you can accelerate, Eco Mode can help you drive safely and extend the lifespan of your Toyota, too!
Key Takeaway Eco Mode adjusts the power going to your Toyota’s air conditioner and throttle to make for a more fuel-efficient ride. 

Does Toyota’s Eco Mode save fuel?

Toyota reports that Eco Mode can save you between 10 and 20% on your fuel costs. However, the actual amount Eco Mode can reduce your fuel consumption will depend on how often you use it, the model you drive, and the cost of gas in your area. 

What’s the difference between Toyota’s Eco Mode and other modes?

There are five potential modes that come with Toyota vehicles: Normal Mode, Eco Mode, Sport Mode, Snow Mode, and EV Mode. 
Here’s how each mode changes your driving experience: 
  • Normal Mode: The standard default mode for a Toyota vehicle. Choosing this mode will apply the manufacturer’s settings for horsepower, fuel efficiency, and comfort.
  • Eco Mode: Takes the strain off the engine by rerouting power from the climate controls and slowing the throttle response. Results in better fuel economy and fewer emissions.
  • Sport Mode: Prioritizes performance by increasing handling, acceleration, and engine power. Only available on some models, including the
  • Snow Mode: Your Toyota will start in second gear instead of first to give you better traction and turning capabilities on icy roads.
  • EV Mode: Available only on hybrid models, EV mode runs your vehicle solely on battery power.
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icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

How to turn Toyota Eco Mode on and off

Initiating Eco Mode in a Toyota is simple—just find the button on your console or steering wheel that says “ECO” or “ECO MODE.” Once you tap the button, there should be a light that comes on to indicate whether Eco Mode is on or off—if you’re not sure where to find it, check your owner’s manual.

Is Toyota’s Eco Mode worth it?

In some driving situations, Eco Mode is useful, but in other cases, you may want to switch to a different mode.
Eco Mode is great for situations where you don’t have to increase your speed or put too much effort into your engine. It’s also a great way to optimize your fuel usage, reduce your emissions, and practice safe driving.
However, your performance will be limited in Eco Mode. It’s not great for climbing hills or passing someone on the highway. In those cases, switching to Normal or Sport Mode, if you have it, is probably a better bet.
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