How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Louisiana

You can get a rebuilt title in Louisiana by submitting an application and required documentation to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To get a rebuilt title in
, you’ll need to submit your Louisiana salvage title to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) along with the required documents.
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What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
indicates that a previously totaled vehicle has been repaired to safe and legal operating standards.
Before you can get a rebuilt title, most states require that the car first be issued a
salvage title
. In Louisiana, a salvage title indicates that the car is so badly damaged that making it safe to drive would cost 75% or more of the vehicle’s total value.
The salvage title
can be replaced
with a rebuilt title once you or your mechanic complete all necessary repairs and the vehicle passes all required safety inspections.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you plan to do anything with a previously totaled vehicle other than store it, you’ll probably need a rebuilt title. You can certainly buy and sell cars with salvage titles, but unless you and the people you’re dealing with know what you’re doing in the salvage business, experts generally advise buyers to avoid the hassles associated with buying a salvaged vehicle.
While a rebuilt title won’t hit any magic reset buttons for your car’s history, it does indicate that the car is safe and driveable again and that a state-licensed inspector has ensured that this is the case.
Key Takeaway The only legal way to drive a previously totaled vehicle is by getting a rebuilt title.

How to get a rebuilt title in Louisiana

When we say that getting a rebuilt title in Louisiana is fairly easy, we mean it’s easy by comparison to some other states. The process for getting a Louisiana rebuilt title is fairly straightforward, but it does require patience, organization, and, frankly, money to pull it off.

Apply for the salvage title 

If the vehicle does not already have one, you’ll need to apply for a Louisiana salvage title from the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).
To do this, you will need to gather the following: 
  • A completed
    Vehicle Application
    (Form DPSMV 1799)
  • Write “Salvage Title” on the front of the application
  • Be sure to fill out the disclosure of salvaged vehicle section.
  • The car’s properly assigned title or manufacturer’s statement of origin also with “Salvage Title” written on the front.
  • A copy of the proof of loss from your insurance company.
  • A Security agreement OR a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) financing statement, if you’re recording a lien.
  • Payment for all applicable fees:
  • Salvage title: $68.50 (plus $18 for titles purchased from public license tag agents)
  • Local service fee (varies by office)
  • Lien recording fee:
  • $15 for UCC-1
  • $10 for any other lien document
  • The Louisiana OMV does not offer guidelines for how long it may take for you to receive your salvage title.

    Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

    When your salvage title arrives, you or your licensed mechanic can begin completing the repairs necessary to make your salvaged vehicle safe and driveable. This is where the money and the organization necessary to get a Louisiana rebuilt title come into play.
    You will need to create a line-item list of all the parts that had to be rebuilt or replaced on the vehicle. In addition, for any major part included in this list, you’ll need to provide:
    • The Vehicle Identification Number(s) (VIN) from any vehicle(s) from which the part(s) were taken
    • The name and contact information of the person from whom you purchased the parts
    • The date you purchased each part
    • The bills of sale must include the same information you included for each major part on the line-item list.
    • If you don’t have a receipt or a bill of sale, you must submit a notarized affidavit attesting that the information you provide in regard to the parts is true.
    Once repairs are complete, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected by a Louisiana State Police (LSP) officer. 
    Once the officer has verified your vehicle’s VIN and randomly checked the VINs you provided on your line-item list against the major parts you used to rebuild your vehicle, you will receive an Affidavit of Physical Inspection, and the Louisiana OMV will let you know whether you need an additional safety inspection.

    Essential documents for a rebuilt Louisiana title

    Now that your car is fully repaired and fully inspected, you’re ready to apply for your rebuilt title by submitting the following to the Louisiana OMV: 
    • Your Louisiana salvage title
    • A completed Affidavit of Physical Inspection (see above)
    • A completed
      Vehicle Application
      (Form DPSMV 1799)
    • The vehicle’s bill of sale (if applicable)
    • A complete line-item list of parts reconstructed or replaced including additional information required for all major parts (see above)
    • Bills of sale or notarized affidavits from all major parts used to rebuild the vehicle
    • All applicable fees and taxes.
    • Fees vary by parish and municipality, so contact your local OMV
    Once you’ve provided all the required documentation to the OMV and paid the fees, you’ll receive a new vehicle title marked reconstructed.

    How long does a rebuilt title take in Louisiana?

    It depends. The Louisiana OMV doesn’t offer any guidelines for how long you should expect to wait for application processing at any step during this process. However, as with any major undertaking involving legal matters, the more organized and prepared you are, the less time it’s likely to take.
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    Not necessarily. A rebuilt title means that the car is safe and legal to drive. However, just because it’s rebuilt doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Rebuilt cars may be more frequent mechanical issues than newer cars.
    Costs vary depending on your parish or municipality, as well as which titles the car already has, but getting a rebuilt title in Louisiana could cost between $81.50 and $106.
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