Does GEICO Sell Non Owner Car Insurance?

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GEICO offers non owner car insurance (Photo: @kirillvasilevcom via Twenty20)
If you drive but don’t own a vehicle, non owner car insurance is a good way to get liability protection when you’re behind the wheel. Whether you borrow a friend’s car or rent a ZipCar, your non-owner car insurance will follow you no matter which vehicle you drive.
Like many auto insurance companies you may have encountered while searching for car insurance quotes online, GEICO offers non driver car insurance. Here’s what you need to know about a GEICO non owner car insurance policy, including who should get this type of policy and the best way to compare prices.
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Does GEICO offer non owners insurance?

Yes, you can get non car owner insurance with GEICO. You do not need to be an existing customer of GEICO to obtain this type of coverage. If you frequently rent cars, borrow cars, or use a car-sharing service, a GEICO non owner car insurance policy could be a smart investment.
If you need an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license, GEICO’s non-owner insurance can help in that situation as well. GEICO will file the form on your behalf and you can get back on the road, even if you don’t have your own car yet.

What other companies offer non owner car insurance?

Nearly every auto insurance company offers non owner car insurance. Top-rated companies for this type of insurance include The General, Direct Auto, and Acceptance Insurance. In addition to these insurers and GEICO, you can also get non car owner insurance with Allstate, Dairyland, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers, and USAA.
If you already hold a life insurance or home insurance policy at one company, try reaching out to them first and see if they offer non-owner car insurance policies. You could get a better deal if you’re an existing customer, and some companies (like Progressive) will only sell this policy to existing customers.

How much is GEICO non-owners insurance?

The average cost is $311 per year for GEICO non owner car insurance coverage. This is far cheaper than a primary policy, which could cost you more than $1,000 per year depending on your age, location, and driving history. If you frequently drive a rental car, non owner car insurance through GEICO could be far more cost effective for you versus paying a rental car company’s rates.
Your specific premium will depend on your personal driving record and other objective data. That being said, GEICO’s rate for non-owner car insurance is at or below average, making GEICO a very affordable option.

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