Tesla Will Release the Cybertruck With Full Self-Driving Computer 2

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
Indeed, the
Tesla Cybertruck
is an attention-grabber, with people either loving it or hating it. Although the production of the vehicle and others by Tesla
have been delayed
, its launch will probably unveil some new features, including Full Self-Driving (FSD) Computer 2.
Additionally, the
Cybertruck will have capabilities you can’t find in its rivals, and it will use a new manufacturing process. Also known as the Hardware 4 computer, the new technology will probably be available in 2022, and the Cybertruck will likely be the first vehicle to use it.
Everyone’s buzzing about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Computer 2, and we all want to know more about it!

The release of Tesla’s new FSD Computer

Undoubtedly, the masses are anxiously waiting for the Cybertruck to hit the market. Around the same time, the automaker is expected to launch the FSD 2 Computer.
Another unique thing about the new hardware is that it will include new camera sensors.
Note that Tesla CEO Elon Musk first unveiled the FSD in 2016. Then, he claimed that Tesla EVs had self-driving capabilities with future software updates. Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be the technology did not have the power that full self-driving capability requires.
So, the automaker had no option but to release several computer upgrades to address the issue.
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Concerns over self-driving software

There have been multiple concerns about Tesla's self-driving software for some time. First, some people do not like the idea of releasing the software directly to owners to test out on public roads because it may put other road users at risk.
Videos on social media of a small group of Tesla owners testing new features that automate more driving revealed that the automobiles were moving toward packed vehicles, missing turns, and scraping against bushes.
This goes into the controversy of the automaker calling the technology "Full Self-Driving."
It appears as if Tesla cars have trouble detecting classifications and objects and staying in their lanes when using self-driving technology. In some cases, it has also been noted that right-hand turns in Tesla's self-driving mode are okay, but left-hand turns are "almost wild."
Later on, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered operators and manufacturers of automated driving systems to report any crashes not more than a day after they occur.
In turn, that has tightened rules on automakers developing autonomous systems for automobiles.On its part, the NHTSA hopes that this order will help "instill public confidence" that the government is "overseeing the safety of automated vehicles."

What does Tesla hope to achieve through the new hardware?

Note that the latest Tesla FSD Computer now relies on the tech giant developer's in-house chipset. The automaker is hoping that this innovation will achieve the perfect self-driving feature.
Besides the automaker's State of Charge (SoC), Tesla provides free upgrades for the software that its EVs use.
However, the launch of Tesla's FSD subscription package that charges drivers $1,500 has not been received well in the market. The implication, in this case, is that Tesla owners can only get the computer upgrade after paying for the subscription.
The automaker has yet to confirm whether the new FSD 2 Computer will have a subscription fee or not. According to
, the expectation is that the new FSD 2 will increase the safety gap between drivers and their self-driving automobiles.
For now, observers and potential EV owners can only wait to see whether the new FSD 2 can provide 100% self-driving performance. It is also quite interesting to discover that Hardware 4's release is linked to the Cybertruck, which has been delayed until 2022.
The bottom line here is that most probably, Tesla does not foresee the possibility of producing the Cybertruck before the second half of 2022.
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