Tesla Buyers Are Wondering When They'll Finally Get Their Cars

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Genevieve Fraser
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Electric vehicles
(EVs) have gone from being impractical novelties to powerful dream cars. More EV options are hitting the market from an increasing number of manufacturers every year, but one name reigns supreme.
has gained critical and commercial acclaim with their electric vehicles like the Model Y and Model S.
However, recent Tesla buyers have encountered a major issue. According to
Business Insider
, Tesla has experienced delivery delays, meaning that many who have ordered a Tesla have not yet received it.

Tesla customers seeing delays

The Model S Plaid is one of the vehicles facing delays. | Courtesy of Tesla Inc.
Tesla is not just producing the most successful EVs on the market today. Some statistics show that Teslas are among the top-selling vehicles overall.
However, this success has brought with it some difficulties keeping up with production which, in turn, have led to the major delays customers are facing now.
Customers have ordered Teslas, complete with approved financing and everything, and have not yet received their vehicles. The exact cause for the delays is not entirely known, and Tesla employees have reportedly been discouraged from speaking about issues at Tesla.
The Coronavirus has led to issues throughout the production process for many automakers. Among other pandemic-related issues, the
chip shortage
has been one of the most impactful, especially for Tesla, and it is likely a contributing factor in the delays.

Changing Tesla delivery dates

Ordering a vehicle and receiving the news that it is delayed is not ideal, but it gets worse when the anticipated delivery date keeps getting pushed back. Tesla buyers may expect to wait a month or so, and for a renowned
Model S
, many think the wait is worth it.
Several buyers have noted that their expected delivery dates have changed multiple times. This has been disheartening, but it has also led to worries about ever receiving the vehicle at all. Plus, in the meantime they need transportation, so they have been forced to get rentals or use rideshare services.
In the worst scenarios, some Tesla buyers have waited seven months or more for their vehicle and grown impatient.

Buyers considering other EVs

While Teslas are considered by many to be the best EVs on the market, there are other great
electric vehicle
options as well.
While simply choosing another manufacturer may be a good solution in theory, this does not necessarily guarantee quick receipt of your new vehicle.
Tesla's issues with the chip shortage have been well-documented, but other manufacturers are also feeling the effects. According to
, other EV manufacturers like Rivian have also encountered production delays due to the shortage.
Although they are not the only company dealing with this issue, it is clear that Tesla could improve their customer communication. Buyers have justifiably been irritated by the long waits, and they deserve to know more about why their cars are so delayed.
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