The Most Common Car Insurance Claim Should Come as No Surprise

Chasity Sharla
· 4 min read
Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. You want to make sure you have
car insurance
so you’re covered when an accident happens. The average driver, according to
Freeway Insurance
, is expected to be involved in an accident once every six years.
Unsurprisingly, a rear-end collision is one of the most common
auto insurance
claims. No matter the cause, you will always be at-fault if you were the rear-end driver. You want to make sure you’re covered for this type of accident even if you don’t expect it to happen.
You’ve probably filed a claim before for a rear-end crash | Twenty20

What type of car insurance will cover the costs after a rear-end crash?

A rear-end crash usually happens when you’re driving too close to the car ahead of you. If the car in front of you brakes suddenly, you don’t have enough time to stop your car. The driver in the rear will always be at fault in this scenario, and it doesn’t matter why the other driver stopped. You are expected to have control of your vehicle at all times.
Rear-end collisions happen quickly and can lead to multi-car crashes. As mentioned by Freeway Insurance, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairing the other driver’s car.
Taking your concentration off the road for a split second can be enough time for these accidents to occur. It’s both dangerous and costly to be involved in a rear-end crash. Be sure to leave space between vehicles when you drive.
Collision insurance
will cover the costs of repairs in case you accidentally rear-end a vehicle. You’ll also need
liability insurance
to cover any medical bills. Ensuring you have the right coverage ahead of time will help make the accident less stressful financially.
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Coverage for minor damage or injury

Fender benders make up a majority of auto accidents and it includes incidents that cause minor damage or injury. Damaging a parked vehicle when you open a car door, or two drivers backing into each other are some examples of common minor incidents. Both of these are covered under collision insurance.
Chips and cracks in windshields are also more common than you’d think. As you’re driving along, a big truck in front of you might’ve sent rocks flying at your windshield. Getting adequate
comprehensive coverage
will help you cover the costs of replacing your damaged windshield.

Coverage for serious damage or car replacements

The one thing no one can control is nature. You might be living in an area where there’s an increased chance of natural disasters. Hail damage is a common problem in some states, and you’ll want to have comprehensive coverage in case your vehicle is left completely irreparable.
Comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of replacing your vehicle. You’ll just have to cover the deductible. If you’re worried about the weather where you live, you might want to put your vehicle under a sturdy cover and make sure it’s parked in a safe place.
A stolen vehicle is another common reason for filing a claim to cover the costs of replacement. Newer vehicles have more advanced anti-theft technology which reduces the likelihood of your
vehicle being stolen
, but there’s still a chance. You can do simple things to prevent theft like making sure your windows are closed completely, locking your doors, and taking the keys with you.
The responsibility of every driver is twofold: maintain safe driving habits and make sure you have
proper insurance coverage
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