Lightyear One Solar EV Might Become a Big Tesla Rival

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Electric vehicles
(EVs) have seen massive popularity across the globe, especially in China and Europe. As more countries like
tighten vehicle restrictions on gas cars and demand increases for EVs, automakers will face an increased pressure to innovate.
Lightyear, a Dutch EV startup, has sought to address concerns about EV range. Given the recent specs revealed after testing, it may even be a major rival for
in the near future.
Lightyear One is set to challenge Tesla’s EVs

How does range anxiety impact electric vehicle adoption?

One major factor hindering the adoption of EVs is range. While many EVs have comparable mileage to gas-powered vehicles, the public still worries that the range is too low for daily use.
According to
, "Among mass-market EVs, the three entries that scored above average on the Overall Customer Satisfaction Index were the Kia Niro EV (239 miles of EPA-rated range), the Chevrolet Bolt EV (259 miles) and the Hyundai Kona EV (258 miles)." In contrast, the lower-scoring vehicles in overall customer satisfaction also had lower ranges.
Some of this issue has to do with the lack of infrastructure. Currently, public charging stations aren't nearly as widespread as gas stations. Some efforts have helped with this, such as Tesla opening up its
supercharger network
to other vehicles.
However, it may take a few years before automakers and transportation planners can build up enough charging infrastructure to support more widespread EV use.
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The Lightyear One solar-powered EV

A recent test of the Lightyear One solar-powered EV in Germany revealed it could go 441 miles on a single charge, as reported by
Motor Trend
. The Lightyear One almost reached the ambitious goal the automaker set last year of running 450 miles on a charge.
While the Lightyear One hasn't hit the market and still needs more testing, it's a significant accomplishment. This is especially the case considering that the car only has a 60 kWh battery pack.
In other EV models with similar range, the battery is about 100 kWh. Lightyear claims that its EV battery has an efficiency of 7.35 miles per kWh. This gives it the potential to be a major contender amongst EV makers.

A new rival for Tesla

Tesla boasts some of the highest range EV models, which have broken the 400-mile barrier before Lightyear.
While the estimated specs from the track test will differ from real-world performance, the results mean that Lightyear may be a strong rival for Tesla in the future. The Lightyear One’s solar roof will also be beneficial for its range.
In addition, the smaller battery pack should make the car more affordable. One of the most expensive parts of an EV is the battery. Using a smaller, more efficient battery pack can help cut costs and make it more accessible to consumers.
According to
Green Car Reports
, Lightyear plans to start producing cars in early 2022, but it’ll be capped at 946 units. They plan to increase production in 2024.
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