Tesla Plans to Share Supercharger Network

Brandon Moore
· 4 min read
The news is full of
electric vehicles
lately as auto manufacturers begin to turn toward the new technology. Consumers are looking for more information about electric cars, what it costs to insure them, and how to recharge their batteries.
As automakers and consumers both turn toward electric cars, one of their major concerns is about the infrastructure supporting them. While
finding places to charge an electric vehicle
has become easier, Tesla just took a large step forward in easing consumer concern.

Tesla built their Supercharger network from the ground up

Tesla may be sharing its Supercharger stations soon
"Tesla" is practically synonymous with "electric vehicles." As the first major automaker that focused solely on electric vehicles, they have made a name for themselves in the industry. Tesla is often the first brand that many people think of when looking at electric vehicles.
Part of Tesla’s massive EV success comes from the production of their proprietary charging network. Tesla's Supercharger network is 27,000 units strong across the globe. While other manufacturers rely on third-party networks to enable charging their EVs, Tesla built their own.
Tesla vehicles
are capable of charging on Tesla's Supercharger network; they use a plug that is more common in Europe and are the only manufacturer to use the CCS connector in North America.
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Tesla plans to open up the Supercharger network to other vehicles

According to
, Tesla has confirmed that it will open up its Supercharger network to other automakers next year. Starting in September 2022, Tesla has said that other vehicles will be able to use their Supercharger stations. Rumors of this happening have been running rampant as of late, and it seems that the rumors are starting to come to fruition.
Reports from both Norway and Germany have said that Tesla has been in contact about opening up the network to other automakers. Because the CCS connection that Tesla uses is more common in Europe, it makes sense that they are starting there. In addition,
electric vehicles
are more popular in Europe.
These are simply first steps, though, and it will likely be some time before Tesla opens up the Supercharger network in North America. This news, however, is still promising. Tesla is willing to share the Supercharger network but needs to find ways to offset the cost.

Tesla will start its Supercharger sharing in Norway

Norway's Vestland county is the first to give confirmed dates for Supercharger sharing. According to the minutes of a council meeting obtained by Electrek, Tesla applied for the incentives given by the government to build charging stations. However, for the benefits to be approved, the charging stations must be publicly accessible and able to be used by any electric vehicle.
In short, Tesla had to promise that they will open up their Superchargers built in Vestland county to all electric vehicles. These charging stations are scheduled to open in September 2022. This is the first time a date has been attached to discussions on opening up Tesla's Supercharger network.
Tesla has made similar appeals in other parts of Norway and in Germany, as well.
While no such move has been made in North America, that doesn't preclude Tesla from eventually doing the same here. Tesla will still need to find ways to share the cost, perhaps with government incentives or through agreements with other automakers.
It seems that charging stations are becoming more available, and consumers are seeing their concerns about electric charging infrastructure addressed. It will make
owning an electric vehicle
in the near future an exciting and certainly viable prospect.

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