Chevy Makes the Most Fuel-Efficient Truck of 2021

Jason Crosby
· 3 min read
Most of us don’t really associate the word fuel efficiency with a full-size
pickup truck
. And there’s a reason for that—pickups usually rank lowest in overall fuel economy, even when compared to other larger vehicles like SUVs and crossovers. But as the years progress, so does the automotive industry’s ability to pump out more fuel-efficient trucks for the masses.
This year,
U.S. News
says Chevy takes the cake as the most fuel-efficient light-duty truck with its 1500 model. Even though competitors like Ford and Ram have higher-quality interiors, Chevy’s combination of high towing capacity and a diesel model packing an estimated 33 highway mpg pushes it ahead of the pack. And with a wide range of engine and trim options, consumers can find satisfaction at multiple different price points.
The 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 diesel gets incredible fuel economy for its size | Twenty20

The 2021 Chevy Silverado has a lot going for it

If you’re drawn to the 2021 Silverado for its fuel efficiency, be sure to opt for its diesel engines: Offering 21mpg in town, and 33 mpg on the highway, it beats the Ram’s diesel package narrowly and out-tows Ram slightly as well. Chevy’s interior falls somewhat behind Ford and Ram but is still ranked above the Toyota Tundra or the Nissan Titan.
The Silverado diesel is a great choice for drivers who want a workhorse model that won’t leave them strapped for cash at the pump. And as trucks are designed to become more aerodynamic, and engines learn to optimize their fuel efficiency, gas-powered light-duty trucks will continue to see improvements to their mileage estimates.
But gas and diesel engines won’t be around forever, and it seems that changes are already on the horizon for the truck market. EVs are becoming a hot topic in the truck world, with automotive manufacturers racing to appeal to consumers with electric pickups that still offer world-class performance and an extended battery range.
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The new era electric pickup trucks

MORE: Electric Commercial Trucks Are Coming Soon
While diesel and gas-powered engines are becoming more fuel-efficient, the future of green vehicle usage lies with EVs. From Tesla’s Cybertruck to Ford’s F-150 Lightning, automotive manufacturers are establishing EVs as a viable reality for truck owners. As burgeoning startup companies clamor for a share of the market, Ford’s F-150 Lightning seems poised to take the #1 spot as the reigning king of the EV trucks.
Since current truck owners or potential EV buyers won’t quite know what to expect yet, it’s perfectly fine to opt for the fuel efficiency of the 2021 Chevy Silverado during what seems to be the twilight age of gas and diesel-powered trucks. At 33 mpg, you should be able to hold out until the electric version comes your way.

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