All About Ram 1500 Eco Mode

With Ram 1500’s Eco mode, the ultimate driving experience goes eco-friendly—and saves you money on gas.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Mergen
The Ram 1500's Eco mode modifies the vehicle's performance to promote a more gentle driving style, which can save fuel and extend the truck's lifespan.
Eco mode, which is standard on some Ram 1500s, is a driving mode that subtly alters the vehicle's performance. It prioritizes efficient energy use over powerful performance, to reduce emissions from the exhaust system.
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What is Ram 1500 Eco mode?

The Ram 1500's Eco mode is an automatic driving mode that, when equipped, increases fuel efficiency by shutting some of the engine’s cylinders during lighter driving conditions.
When it's on, the engine puts out less power, so it doesn't have to work as hard, and the gas pedals are less sensitive. Because there is less power, the truck moves more slowly.
And because hard acceleration, and the hard stopping that usually comes with it, can put extra stress on your car, Eco mode could even help your Ram 1500 last longer.

Does Ram 1500 Eco mode save fuel?

The Ram 1500's Eco mode isn't a magic button that saves gas right away. Its real value lies in its ability to get people to drive more efficiently, which can make a difference. An indicator light will show up on your dashboard whenever you're driving economically—serving as a training mode of sorts.

Does Ram 1500 Eco mode charge the battery?

No, the Ram 1500’s Eco mode doesn’t have any reported effect on charging the car’s battery.

How to turn Ram 1500 Eco mode on and off

The Ram 1500's Eco mode activates whenever the vehicle is operated in 4-cylinder MDS mode. The Eco indicator will turn off once the engine is subjected to a sufficient load, such as when climbing a mild incline. The ECO MDS system is turned off while in trailer/haul mode.
The Eco mode light itself is activated by selecting “Settings” from the center stack Uconnect Menu. Set the “Fuel Saver Display” option in the cluster to “Yes.” After you do this, a green “Eco” indicator light will appear in the cluster unit.

Is Ram 1500 Eco mode worth it?

Yes and no. Whether or not the Ram 1500's Eco mode is worth it for you really depends on how you drive.
If you want to save money on gas, Eco mode is a great choice. This is especially helpful if your Ram 1500 is from after 2018, as these models all have automatic transmissions, which can use a little more gas than manual transmissions.
However, there is a cost: when in Eco mode, your speed is restricted, making it more difficult to achieve the thrilling (and sometimes essential) high speeds you crave on the highway. Eco mode can make passing more of a challenge, so in certain situations, you might choose to avoid it. You may get better results from Eco mode if you do most of your driving in the city as opposed to on the highway.
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