The Best Pontiac Station Wagons

Pontiac may be a defunct auto brand, but you can still find some of its wagons on the used market like the Grand Safari or Bonneville Wagon.
Written by John Pickhaver
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
In 2010, General Motors discontinued the Pontiac brand, but you may still be able to find some of its wagons, like the Grand Safari or Bonneville Wagon, on the used market. 
Pontiac gave us iconic muscle cars and reliable sedans, but it also produced some worthy wagons in its day. Even though Pontiac is now a defunct auto brand, that doesn’t mean you can’t find any of their wagons on the used market. 
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Does Pontiac still make a station wagon?

Unfortunately as of 2010, Pontiac doesn’t make anything anymore. After the 2008 financial crisis, General Motors, which owned the Pontiac brand, was forced to make cuts, and the once-popular American brand was no more.
Having said that, you can still find a lot of these beloved rides on the road. But when it comes to Pontiac station wagons, you’ll have to look harder as most of their wagons went off the market decades ago. 

What’s the difference between a station wagon and a hatchback?

It can be easy to confuse a station wagon with a hatchback. While these cars look similar from behind, there are features that distinguish them—if you know what to look for. Here are some standout body styles of your typical station wagon:
  • A longer body than a sedan or hatchback
  • Extended passenger/cargo space accessed by a liftgate
  • Typically includes a D-pillar 
  • Prioritizes cargo volume
Sedans are three-box vehicles with separate engines, passenger seating, and storage compartments, whereas station wagons and hatchbacks follow a two-box design where seating and storage are blended. 
However, the differences become more obvious once you start comparing things like cargo capacity and seating capacity. Hatchbacks typically are more concerned about style than expanding capacity. They generally have a shorter body with a gentle rear slope. While stylish in their own right, station wagons typically have a more boxy rear that provides more space for seating and has more cargo capacity.
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The best Pontiac station wagons of all time

Since now you know the differences between station wagons and hatchbacks, let’s review the three Pontiac wagons that once ruled the roads when it came to family travel. For purposes of the review, we focused on the latest model year, which in one case is 1970!

Pontiac Grand Safari (1971–1978)

Price: N/A
Cargo volume: 87–106 cubic-feet
Engine: 3.1 L V6
This iconic station wagon, adorned with wood grain paneling on the sides and tailgate, was in driveways all across America during its seven-year run in the 1970s. 
The Grand Safari, Pontiac’s flagship station wagon of the decade, packed a V-8 engine that the whole family could hear, even the kids in the back. 

Pontiac Bonneville Station Wagon (1962–1970)

Starting price: N/A
Cargo volume: 71.8 cubic feet
Engine: 7.5 L V8
Not to be confused with a hearse, the
Pontiac Bonneville
was a classic wagon that was a top car choice for many families of the 1960s. 
The Bonneville didn’t only come in a wagon. It was also available in a coupe, sedan, and a convertible—unfortunately, never a convertible wagon. The other models lasted years after the wagon as the Bonneville passed the torch off to the Grand Safari. 

Pontiac 6000 Station Wagon (1984–1991)

Starting price: N/A
Cargo volume: 74 cubic feet
Engine: 3.1 L V6
Most resembling the wagons we see on the road today, the Pontiac 6000 Station Wagon was a much sleeker and curvier wagon than its predecessors. 
The 6000 was considered a midsize wagon, but today we’d consider it the standard size. It was still spacious and comfortable and was a reliable family car. Plus, of course, it was decked out with wood paneling.
Of the three on our list, the 6000 is your best bet to see out on the road and find on the used car market. 
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Are Pontiac station wagons reliable?

The better question is, are cars this old reliable? Obviously, that all depends, but let’s say you find a Pontiac wagon in pristine condition—is it still safe? Pontiacs generally have solid reliability ratings and families trusted the station wagons offered by Pontiac for decades. 
Despite no longer being in production, Pontiac repair costs are typically as much as your average car. But again, when you bring it back to old Pontiac station wagons, you’re best off getting one of these rides as a means to haul stuff around or because you just want a taste of nostalgia. 

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