All You Need to Know About I-11

I-11 is a particularly short stretch of interstate highway that stretches from the Hoover Dam to Henderson, Nevada.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Interstate 11 (I-11) is the third-shortest stretch of interstate highway in the contiguous US. It stretches 23 miles from the Hoover Dam on the Arizona border to Henderson, Nevada.
The longest expanses of interstate highways are well-known and often talked about, like I-5 and I-95, but what about the shortest stretches? I-11 in Nevada is the third-shortest length of interstate in the lower 48 and the fifth-shortest interstate in all 50 states. It only runs 23 miles, but you’ll cover a lot of history and interesting facts on I-11.
Read on for all the info you need on the I-11.

What is an interstate highway?

An interstate highway connects multiple states and major metropolitan areas across the country. Interestingly enough though, not every interstate traverses multiple states, like the I-11.
The numbering system for interstate highways follows certain conventions that can be easy to remember once you understand them. North-south routes are odd-numbered and east-west routes are even-numbered. Key highways end in zero or five, and smaller highways that connect within a metropolitan area have three numbers, with the last two numbers matching the major route.

What states does I-11 run through?

I-11 doesn’t actually connect more than one state. It goes from Henderson, NV to the Arizona border, though it technically doesn’t cross into Arizona. The whole stretch of highway covers 23 miles, all contained in the state of Nevada.

Major interchanges on I-11

Even though it’s short, I-11 still comes across some major interchanges you should be aware of. Keep these interchanges in mind when traveling along I-11:
  • I-515 and US 93/US 95 north
  • I-215 (Bruce Woody Beltway) and SR 564 east (Lake Mead Parkway)

Best places to eat along I-11

One of the best parts of a road trip is finding a great roadside spot to enjoy a meal. Unfortunately, I-11 is so short that there aren’t any eateries along its path. You can stop in nearby Henderson to find some local restaurants, though.

What is there to do on I-11?

There isn’t much of a chance for fun activities to pop up along the way on I-11. 
There is one major attraction at one end of I-11 though: the Hoover Dam. This engineering marvel was built between 1931 and 1936.
The Hoover Dam stops up the Colorado River to form the nation’s largest reservoir: Lake Mead. The generators powered by the dam provide electricity to consumers in California, Nevada, and Arizona. If you decide to stop and explore the dam, you’ll be among the one million annual visitors to the dam.

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