The Best Buick Station Wagons

Buick no longer builds station wagons—the 2020 Buick Regal TourX was the last wagon offered.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Buick no longer builds station wagons, with the 2020 Regal TourX being the last wagon to roll off a Buick assembly line.
The humble station wagon, believe it or not, is still on the road—its extended, sedan-like body offers more room for extra passengers or extra furniture. But Buick stopped producing its last remaining wagon—the Regal TourX—after the 2020 model year.
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Does Buick still make a station wagon?

Nope—the Buick station wagon officially bit the dust after the 2020 model year, when the Buick Regal TourX was taken out of production. The decision to end the Regal TourX allowed GM to end its relationship with Opel, which helped design the Regal TourX. 

What’s the difference between a station wagon and a hatchback?

If you’ve spent many-a-sleepless night gnashing your teeth about the difference between a station wagon and a
gnash no more. Here’s what defines the timeless, child-hauling station wagon:
  • A longer body than either a hatchback or sedan
  • A liftgate used to access extended passenger and/or cargo space
  • Usually includes a D pillar
  • Cargo volume is prioritized
Station wagons and hatchbacks are known as two-box designs, meaning there is one compartment for the engine and a second one blending the seating and cargo spaces. A three-box design, which is more typical, is common in sedans—one area for the engine, another for passengers, and a third for cargo.
The biggest difference between a wagon and a hatch is all about style.Hatchbacks are often styled to be seen, with a shapelier, curvier rear that more closely resembles a sedan or even a coupe. A station wagon, meanwhile, is all business, meaning its boxy rear-end is built for increased capacity and sometimes a third row of seats, style be damned.

The best Buick station wagons of all time

You demanded it, so we wrote about them—the best Buick station wagons of all time are the Roadmaster, the Estate Woody, and the Regal TourX.

Buick Roadmaster (1991 to 1996)

Starting price: $26,000
Passenger volume: 60 cubic feet
Cargo volume: 92 cubic feet
Engine: 5.7 V8 Corvette engine
The boat of all station wagons, the Roadmaster was a true yeoman’s wagon to be sure, with its wood grain side panels and a body that went on as far as the horizon. The
sported a 5.7 L V8 Corvette engine, with 300 horsepower, 7,000 pound towing capacity, and an optional rear-facing 3rd row of seats. 
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Buick Estate Woody (1941 to 1953)

Starting price: $1,463
Passenger volume: N/A
Cargo volume: N/A
Engine: Fireball inline 8 cylinder engine
If you ever dreamed of looking like Al Capone (or Flat Top, one of the goons in the 1990 film Dick Tracy), then the Buick Estate Woody is for you. This old hog was a mean machine back in its day, but it carried a hint of outdoorsiness as well, courtesy of its wood grain side panels which became something of a station wagon trademark (for good or ill, we’re still not sure).

Buick Regal TourX

Starting price: $29,370
Passenger volume: 33 cubic
Cargo volume: 74 cubic feet
Engine: TG turbocharged 2.0 L 4 cylinder engine
Buick’s last station wagon that passed in 2020, the Regal TourX, was a much more streamlined affair, though it did still sport some of that old station wagon charm in the form of a slightly boxy rear-end. Still, this was a station wagon that was actually stylish and didn’t look like came straight out of the 1950s. Its 8-speed automatic transmission and 250 horsepower made this wagon powerful and smooth on the road.
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