Lexus Paint Codes

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Your three-digit Lexus paint code can be found on the driver’s side door jamb, located on the label just after the letters CT/R. If you don’t see it there, you can also find it by searching your Lexus’ VIN. 
If you own a car, you’ll probably find yourself in a scenario like this at one point or another: you’re pulling into a parking spot and manage to ding your car, leaving behind a scratch. It’s small enough to not trouble a mechanic but enough to be an eyesore. 
To get that perfect, looks-like-it-never-even-happened match, you’ll need to know your Lexus’ paint code. Car insurance super app and licensed broker Jerry has laid out what you’ll need to know about Lexus touch-up paint. 
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Where can I find my Lexus’ paint code? 

Head over to the driver’s side door of your Lexus and pop it open. 
On the door jamb, you’ll see a label with a barcode and a slew of numbers and letters. Older Lexus models usually have a white car label, while newer ones are black. 
Beneath the car code, there is a line of letters and numbers that begin with the prefix CR/T. Your Lexus paint code is the three digits that follow CR/T.
For example, if you see CR/T: 3H8, your paint code is 3H8. With your paint code at the ready, you can consult this chart of Lexus paint colors. In this case, it’s Burgundy Pearl! 

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If your car’s label is worn off or otherwise absent, you can still find your Lexus paint color by searching by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is a seventeen-digit code unique to each Lexus car—no two cars have the same VIN (even if they’re the same model). Most of the time, a Lexus’ VIN will begin with the letter J.  
There are a couple of places you should check for the VIN: 
  • At the base of the driver’s side window screen 
  • Stamped beneath the passenger’s seat or under the trunk 
  • You may also find it written on your insurance card or your vehicle registration 
Worst comes to worst, you can always call the Lexus Customer Assistance line at1-800-255-3987.  

Where can I get paint for my Lexus?

Now that you’ve got your paint code, it’s time to order some Lexus touch-up paint! You order a Lexus touch-up paint pen from an online authorized realtor or through your local Lexus dealership. 
Where you get it, though, isn’t really important. As long as you purchase the right paint code, you’ll have your Lexus looking brand new in no time. 

Paint touch-up tips 

Armed with your paint, it’s time to get painting! Pesky scratches do more than just make your car look a little beat up. If the scratch is deep enough to expose any metal, it could cause your car to rust
Here are a couple of pointers on how to get your Lexus shining like it’s brand new: 
  • Before painting, wash the scratched area with a bit of soap and water. 
  • Add a layer of primer to the affected area and let it dry overnight. 
  • The next day, sand down the primer so it’s there’s a smooth and even surface the paint will glide right over. 
  • Paint the area one coat at a time, allowing the paint to dry for at least twenty minutes between coats. When you’ve built up enough color, let the final layer dry overnight
  • Add layers of clear protectant just like how you added the paint: one coat at a time, twenty minutes between coats, and allow the last one to dry overnight. 
  • Use a rubbing compound to buff out the area a couple of days later and voila! 
You may be worried that you’ll get stuck purchasing an entire can of paint for such a small scratch. Luckily, there are plenty of Lexus paint pens on the market that are designed for smaller cosmetic work.   

How to save on car insurance 

Your newly-painted Lexus looks great on the outside—but what about what’s going on beneath the hood? That kind of internal damage can be a lot more costly. But, with the right car insurance policy from Jerry, you can rest assured that your Lexus is protected inside and out. 
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Your Lexus paint code is the exact, manufacturer-determined color of your car’s exterior. The 3-digit paint code can be found on the door jamb or by searching your Lexus’s VIN.
Absolutely! A Lexus paint touch-up paint pen will allow you to do minor repairs yourself—just make sure you know your paint code so you’re buying the right color.

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