How to Clear Clogged Windshield Washers

A few common household items may be all you need to get your clogged windshield wipers working again. Here's how to clear clogged windshield wipers.
Written by Logan Utsman
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
You’ve filled your
windshield wiper reservoir
with fluid and cleaned your windshield and blades, but there’s still nothing coming out when you flip your car’s washer switch. What’s going on?
Nine times out of 10, the spray nozzles are clogged, leaving your washer system basically inoperable and you in danger of driving with a filthy windshield.
In this situation, making the windshield wiper system functional again can be as simple as grabbing a needle pin and some soap. But before you take action on clearing clogged windshield washers, you’ll want to ensure that:
  • Your car has the proper amount of windshield washer fluid
  • Your car’s windshield wiper fluid spray motor is functioning (you’ll be able to hear the motor turning when you engage the switch)
If these parameters are met but you're still not seeing any fluid, you can then move on to clearing the clogged washers. Here’s a guide by
on how to get those windshield washers unclogged.
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Clean the exterior of the washer nozzles

Over time, the windshield washer nozzles can get just as dirty as the rest of your car, so take a rag and some soapy water and thoroughly clean them.
Wipe off any grime that could be blocking the flow of fluid, and don’t be afraid to wipe hard.

Clean the inside of the nozzles using a pin

If you have a needle pin, you can use it to clean the inside of the nozzles. Simply poke the pin inside the nozzle a few times until it no longer comes out dirty.
Getting the pin hot first, either with a torch or hot water, can help break away any hard-packed clogs.

Clean the under-hood hoses

If cleaning the exterior nozzles doesn't work, you likely have a clog within the windshield wiper fluid hoses found under the
. These are easy to trace as they run from the cowl (the rearmost part of the engine bay that supports the hood and the base of the windshield) to the windshield fluid reservoir, and they can typically be removed just by pulling at them.
Because these hoses have a small diameter, you’ll likely want to use a thin wire to poke into them, cleaning them the same way you would the nozzles.
Keeping your windshield wiper system functioning properly isn’t just a matter of convenience; it's about safety. A dirty windshield can be distracting and reduce visibility when you need it the most.
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