Why You Should Shop for Car Insurance Every 6 Months

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    While the government and lenders mandate that you insure your car, you do have a choice when picking the insurance company you want. And it’s important to periodically shop around for new car insurance. Switching car insurance companies saves an average of $859 a year in the U.S., according to NerdWallet. Some experts even recommend that you shop for car insurance every six months to save money. But why exactly should you shop around for car insurance every six months?
    First off, a lot of things can change in six months. You get a little older, you may buy a house, or you could even have a baby. In addition, many policies are set for six months and then renewed at the end of that period. This makes switching insurance companies easier at the end of that six-month timespan, as the policy from your new insurer can pick right up where the old one left off.
    Read on to learn some of the reasons why you should shop for car insurance every six months.

    You've Maintained a Good Driving Record

    Maintaining a good driving record is important, as going a long time without an accident or ticket lowers your level of risk in the eyes of many insurance companies.

    You Had a Birthday

    As you get older, you can expect your insurance premiums to go down. This can really make a difference for younger drivers who have just hit the milestone age of 25. While turning 25 doesn't guarantee a reduction in your premiums, 25 represents the age when many insurance companies look to reduce the amount younger drivers pay. Even past the age of 25, your insurance premiums tend to go down as you get older, so checking every six months can still save you money.

    You Moved Locations

    If you recently moved, you should consider shopping around for car insurance. Where you live can have an effect on what you pay. At the very least, check with your own insurance company to see what effect a move has on your premiums.
    Also, going away to college can have an effect on your car insurance premiums, with some insurers offering a discount for a teen going to college and leaving their car at home. You also need to keep in mind that buying a house makes you more attractive to insurers, as owning a home denotes taking on added responsibility and becoming less of a risk taker.

    You Got Married

    Getting married can cause your car insurance premiums to drop. If you are married, insurance companies look at you as a lower risk. Married people tend to drive safer cars and generally take fewer risks than younger, single drivers.

    You Had a Baby

    Having a baby represents another great time to shop around for car insurance. Parents tend to drive safer cars, which in turn means lower premiums. You should enjoy many years of low rates as a parent, at least until your children get old enough to start driving.
    As a driver, you should always be on the lookout for ways to save money on your car insurance premiums. Shopping around every six months allows you to take advantage of getting older, buying a house, or keeping a good driving record for an extended period of time. With most car insurance policies lasting half a year on average, looking for car insurance every six months makes perfect sense as it allows you to easily switch companies with no lapse in coverage.

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