Does Car Insurance Cover Acts of God?

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Comprehensive insurance policies provide the best protection for natural disasters—or acts of God.
If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, events that are out of human control will likely fall through the cracks in your insurance coverage. In fact, there are times when even comprehensive insurance could be limited.
Understanding your existing coverage and exclusions is the best way to make sure that you have the act of God car insurance you need, and Jerry is here to help.
The free-to-use intuitive insurance shopping app has put together the information that you need to understand act of God coverage so that your plan won’t fall short.

What is an act of God?

Legally speaking, an act of God is something that is outside of our control as human beings.
Car insurance companies will use the term to refer to natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanos, hail, windstorms, mudslides, and floods.
However, an act of God may also be something as simple as a tree falling on your car. These are the types of events that can’t be prevented by human interference, hence being called “acts of God.”
If you want to know if you have insurance coverage for natural disasters, be sure to review your insurance policy details carefully. Your car insurance will typically specify whether acts of God are covered or not.

Possible exclusions

Even if your insurance contract already covers you for specific acts of God, your act of God coverage might be limited depending on the circumstances surrounding the event.
This may be the case if your insurance provider decides that you did not take reasonable care to get your car out of harm’s way. Likewise, if the government did not take reasonable measures to manage a natural disaster, your act of God insurance coverage may not apply.

Special considerations

It is common practice for car insurance companies to use force majeure clauses to limit their liability or exclude acts of God from their coverage.
Most car insurance contracts will contain a lengthy list of exclusions. If you want to know where your existing coverage leaves you vulnerable, you will have to put on your reading glasses and familiarize yourself with these exclusions.
Once you know what you are missing, Jerry can help you upgrade your insurance policy quickly and painlessly.
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It is common for acts of God to be excluded from car insurance policies, so read the fine print of your exclusions to determine if you have the coverage you need.

What are the coverage options for acts of God?

If you live in an area that is prone to certain types of natural events, investing in a comprehensive insurance policy will help maximize your coverage for acts of God.
Comprehensive insurance is designed to cover most acts of God that basic liability and collision coverage policies leave out. A standard comprehensive insurance policy will cover you up to your policy limit for weather events like floods, fire, hail, and earthquakes.
Although they are not acts of God, per se, comprehensive insurance also provides coverage for theft and vandalism.
Don’t wait until the last minute to get the act of God insurance you need to have though. Insurance companies may prevent you from upgrading your insurance to a comprehensive coverage plan if an extreme weather event is forecast.
Investing in a comprehensive insurance policy will help maximize your coverage for acts of God.

How to get insurance that covers acts of God

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