Kia Paint Codes

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Laura Salvas
Updated on Apr 11, 2022 · 3 min read
The paint code for your Kia can be found on the label stuck to your driver’s side door jamb. If the label is missing, your vehicle identification number (VIN) can help you find the paint code online. 
You return to your parking spot only to discover someone has swung their car door into yours, leaving an unsightly scratch. You might want to keep your
beautiful and your costs low by fixing this yourself, but how do you find the right paint?
All you need is the right paint code to get started.
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Where can I find my Kia’s paint code?

If you open your driver’s side door and look at the door jamb, which is the part of the door housing the locking mechanism, there is a label with some information printed on it. You should see “paint” or “exterior paint colors” noted on the label.
The paint color on your Kia will be a two-digit combo of one letter followed by one number. This is the code you will need when buying your paint. You can find the correct paint color name using
this chart

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you can’t locate your car’s label or it doesn’t list the paint color, don’t fret! Your
VIN can be used
to contact the dealership, which can determine which paint you should use. 
The VIN is a 17-character sequence of letters and numbers that is unique to your vehicle. 
Here’s where you can find the VIN for your Kia:
  • Your vehicle ownership and registration
  • A plate on the top of the dashboard, visible through the windshield
  • Under the hood, on the front side wall of the engine mount
  • The door jamb or center pillar on the driver’s side. The center pillar is the outer pillar that runs from the roof to the floor on the left side of the driver’s seat. 
Once you have found your VIN, you can look up the paint code on the Internet or contact your local dealership.

Where can I get paint for my Kia?

As long as you have your paint code, there are many third-party retailers online and in stores that sell Kia touch-up paint. For bigger jobs, you can buy paint in a spray can or small jar. 
Another great option is a Kia paint pen, which costs about $14 and can be purchased through
your local Kia dealership
or third-party retailers. This allows you to touch up small scratches quickly and easily at a lower cost. Contact your dealership to ensure your color is in stock.

Kia paint chip warranty

Before you run out and buy paint for your DIY job, be aware that Kia has a paint warranty on non-impact paint repairs due to chipping, cracking, fading, flaking, or discoloration, for the first 36 months or 36,000 miles. 
If another car or object scratches your car, you won’t be covered, but if paint loss is due to a defective paint job contact your dealership.

Paint touch-up tips

If you’re ready to make your car look good as new again, follow these tips to help touch it up with ease:
  • Using soap and water, wash the area you plan to paint
  • If there is any rust visible, use a wire brush or fine sandpaper to remove what you can
  • Apply a primer to the scratched area you will be painting and leave it to dry overnight Gently sand the area once dry to achieve an even surface.
  • Whether you have spray paint, bottle paint, or a paint pen, paint the damaged area with your color-matched paint. You will likely need to apply a few coats, allowing them to dry for 20 minutes between coats. Leave to dry overnight
  • Apply a few layers of a clear protective coat to the area, leaving 20 minutes between layers. Leave to dry overnight
  • Wait three days before buffing the area using a rubbing compound. This is what will give your car its shine 

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Kia sells paint in the form of touch-up pens, which can help cover minor knicks and scratches. However, available colors may be limited, and Kia does not sell paint in larger volumes. If you have a large area to paint or a car with an older paint color, you will need to get paint from a third-party retailer.
Touching up scratches is easy enough to do on your own if you’re comfortable. Just make sure you have the correct paint color, as well as a primer and buffer. If you regret buying your Kia in Acid Green and want to paint the whole body Solar Yellow, it might be best to have the job professionally done

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