How much will a Toyota Yaris depreciate?

I’m looking for a budget-friendly ride, as I lost most of my money recently in an investment that may or may not have been crypto-related. Anyways, I need a cheap way to get around but I’d like something that keeps some value due to my current personal liquidity crisis. How much will a Toyota Yaris depreciate?

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Toyota Yaris
will depreciate approximately 7% in the first year of ownership, and by roughly 24% over the first five years of ownership, according to CarEdge.
Now, as a business-minded person like yourself, we here at Jerry assume you know that a car depreciates most in its first year of ownership. This is true for the Yaris but, like many cars, Yaris depreciation slows down between years two and four of ownership, while the car is still relatively new. So, instead of buying a new Yaris, we recommend finding a lightly used one between two and four years old—you’ll save yourself the loss of value that all cars experience in year one, while still driving a shifty and practical subcompact with most features that the newer one has anyways!
Despite your recent unfortunate run of business misfortune (we truly are sorry), you have impeccable timing. Toyota ended Yaris production after the 2020 model year, meaning you can’t buy a new one. No need for tears though—this means the newest Yaris you’ll find is two years old, so you’ll save yourself the pain of a new car’s drop in value. Instead, with a lightly used, two year old Yaris, you’ll be getting plenty of bang for your buck without taking the hit of first year depreciation. Talk about a financial win—you’re back, baby!
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