Toyota Yaris Trunk Space

The Toyota Yaris comes in a hatchback style with 15.8 cubic feet of maximum cargo space.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The Toyota Yaris comes in both sedan and hatchback styles with 13.5 and 15.8 cubic feet of space behind its rear seats, respectively. With a budget-friendly price starting at ​​$15,650, the Yaris earned a 9.5/10 overall rating from Car and Driver.
SUV shoppers place the amount of trunk space at the top of their priority lists. Adventure seekers and road trippers seek SUVs for their versatility, practicality, and ease of storing travel gear.
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How is trunk space measured?

Even if you’re spatially savvy, it can be hard to picture exactly how much you can fit into 15.8 cubic feet of space
Measurements can be tricky since manufacturers have their own methods for determining the amount of cargo space a model offers. Rear seats play the most significant role in expanding or restricting the storage volume a trunk offers. 
With that in mind, the cubic feet are calculated:
  • With the rear seats up, or 
  • With the rear seats folded down
The volume is often determined by the height from the floor to the top of the trunk opening, the width and depth of the trunk opening, and any cargo gradients. Accurate readings are tough to achieve since the contours and curves of the seats aren’t always taken into account.
Since folded rear seats expand the amount of trunk space, it’s a good idea to consider how often your car is packed with passengers. If you can’t store your golf bag in the trunk while your kids are occupying the back seats, you might want to consider a larger SUV model.
Key Takeaway Your lifestyle and preferences will determine how much cargo space you need.

Toyota Yaris trunk space

Number of seats: 5
Cargo volume in the sedan: 13.5 cubic feet
Cargo volume in the hatchback: 15.8 cubic feet
Whether you opt for a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback, the Toyota Yaris offers a sleek interior that’s spacious enough for five passengers. As a subcompact vehicle, the 13.5-15.8 cubic feet range is a decent size
There aren’t precise measurements for when the rear seats are down because they don’t fall completely flat in the Yaris. However, a handy rear liftgate opens up to create more storage space. For reference, 15.8 cubic feet will accommodate around four suitcases, sleeping bags, and a tent if you’re heading out for a family camping trip.

How does the Toyota Yaris’ trunk space compare to other SUVs?

The Toyota Yaris is on par with the subcompact class average. If you go for the sedan model, you’ll have a roomier trunk than both the 2022 Hyundai Accent and the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage sedan. 
The Yaris doesn’t quite measure up when it comes to the trunk space of the
Nissan Versa
or the
Kia Rio
sedan. Still, since the Toyota Yaris hatchback offers more volume, it edges out the Nissan Versa when it comes to cargo space. 
Overall, if you’re looking for reliability, user-friendliness, and excellent fuel economy, the Toyota Yaris is a deal that won’t break the bank.
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How to check trunk space

For the best understanding of how much trunk space you’ll find in this SUV, you’ll have to take the matter into your own hands.
Test out the vehicle’s capacity for storage at the dealership. You can put the seats down, test the liftgate, and even break out a tape measure to get some figures for yourself.
It can still be hard to picture how accommodating the space will be for your preferences, so see if the dealership will allow you to place actual items in the trunk. If you have a box, bag, yoga mat, or any object that could frequently occupy the space, put it in there and take photos. 
Visualizing your own belongings and lifestyle in real-time can be a deal maker (or breaker) when you’re shopping for an SUV.

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