Monroe County, Michigan Property Tax

The Monroe County property tax rate is 1.27%, which is slightly above the national average.
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With an average tax rate of 1.27%, Monroe County,
, residents pay an average of $2,057 a year in property taxes
If you own a home, you’ll have to pay property taxes on it each year. How much you have to pay will be determined by the market value of your home and the tax rates in your area. 
Unfortunately, tax rates will change from one year to the next, which can make calculating your tax obligation difficult. 
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Property tax 101

There are some basic concepts regarding property taxes that you should be aware of. Here’s what you’ll need to know: 
  • You’ll have to pay property taxes for any non-exempt real property that you own, such as homes, buildings, and land. 
  • Property taxes are paid to your local government and are used to pay for important public works and community services
  • Your total property tax obligation will be determined by the local tax rate and the assessed value of your home.
  • Property taxes rates will change often in response to changes in the market conditions and your local government’s budget
While they may seem annoying, property taxes provide vital revenue which your government uses to fund essential services that keep your community functioning. 

What is the property tax rate in Monroe County?

Monroe County’s average tax rate is 1.27% of assessed home values—which is well below the Michigan statewide average of 1.62% but slightly above the national average of 1.1%. 
In terms of real dollars, this means that Monroe County homeowners can expect to pay an average of $2,057 in property taxes each year. 

How Monroe County property taxes are determined

Property taxes in Monroe Country are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your home by the total millage rate for your area. 
Determining your home’s assessed value is a bit of a process. It begins with the Monroe County Equalization Department determining the market value (also called “true cash value”) of your home. 
Next, the local tax assessor will determine your home’s assessed value (also called the “State Equalized Value”) using the county’s assessment ratio. In Monroe County, the assessment ratio is 50% of your market value. This means that if your home’s market value is $200,000, then your assessed value will be $100,000. 
Calculating your area's millage rate is similarly complex. First, you’ll need to know what a millage rate is. A mil, in this context, refers to $1 of tax for every $1,000 of your home’s assessed value. 
So if your total millage rate is 2, and your assessed value is $100,000, that would mean you’d have to pay $200 in property taxes. 
Within a county, there are many taxing authorities, including bodies such as school districts, townships, villages, etc. Each taxing authority sets its own millage rate. 
Your total millage rate will be the sum of the millage rates for every taxing authority whose jurisdiction you fall under. 
Subtract any
that you qualify for from your assessed value, then multiply the result by your millage rate. This should give you the number you see on your tax bill. 

What do Monroe County property taxes pay for? 

Property taxes in Monroe County are used to pay for essential infrastructure costs, such as:
  • Law enforcement 
  • Public education 
  • Roads and highways
  • Public libraries and museums 
  • Public health and safety
  • Sewer and solid waste management 
These items represent an overview of how property tax revenue is spent in Monroe County, not a complete list. 
For a full, detailed description of your county government budget, refer to the Monroe County
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

How to pay property taxes in Monroe County 

Monroe County property taxes are levied biannually, or paid in two installments each year. The summer payment is due on June 30th and the winter payment is due on February 14th
You can easily pay your property taxes online using a credit/debit card or an eCheck. If you would prefer not to use the online portal, you can pay over the phone by calling (844) 915-1240. 
If you have delinquent (late) tax balances, you’ll need to pay those directly to the
Monroe Country Treasurer’s Office
at the following location:
51 South Macomb St 
Monroe, MI 48161 
The treasurer’s office hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Monroe County property taxes are due on June 30th and February 14th each year.
Property tax bills are sent out twice a year in May and December. If you didn’t receive yours, or if you misplaced it, you can look up your tax bill online.
Not overall. While the average property tax rate of 1.27% is slightly higher than the national average rate of 1.1%, the actual dollar amount Monroe County residents end up paying is $2,057—well below that national average of $3,719.
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