Can I get flood insurance during a flood?

I live in Florida and my town has a flash flood warning. I live in a pretty low area, so I'm expecting my car and home to be flooded. Is it possible to get flood insurance now?

“Natural disasters and flash floods are extremely scary. I know it can be difficult to expect something bad will happen, especially when you live in Florida, where flooding and hurricanes are common.
To get flood insurance, you’ll want to look into the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). While there are waiting periods attached to flood policies with NFIP, you may still be eligible to purchase a policy before a flood if you purchase private flood insurance.
You should also check with your home and car insurance company. However, most insurance companies place moratoriums on insurance during natural disasters. When this happens, no one is eligible to get a new policy or change coverages until the moratorium is lifted.
If your car and home insurance companies have moratoriums in place, you can’t add flood coverage. Even so, it doesn’t mean you won’t be covered!
If you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance, flooding is covered. Should anything happen to your vehicle, you can submit a claim for the damage. While you’ll have to pay your deductible, you would be able to have your vehicle repaired or receive its actual cash value if it’s totaled.
For your home insurance, if the water damage occurs from another peril, like wind damage or a falling tree, you usually have coverage.
I know this is a stressful time, so reaching out to your insurance companies as soon as possible can help alleviate any worry. They can give you the best tools and resources when it comes to flood insurance coverage and cost.
If you’d like help with insurance coverage in the future, Jerry’s friendly agents are here to help. Our agents can help you find the best coverage and policies to ensure you’re covered in any situation.”
Emily Maracle
Answered on Sep 10, 2021
Emily Maracle is a car insurance specialist living in New York. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she has a degree in English Literature and a background in customer service. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and living sustainably. In the future, she can't wait to upgrade to a hybrid or electric car.

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