Tesla Superchargers Offer the Best Charging Experience

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
is a giant in the electric vehicle (EV) market with a
Supercharger network
that many other automakers want to emulate. Tesla has recently announced that it will open up its charging network to other car brands, but non-Tesla owners will have to pay to use it.
But, what do consumers think about Tesla’s Superchargers?
looked at a J.D. Power study on which public EV chargers consumers like the best. Here’s what consumers thought about Tesla’s Superchargers and how this study is important for the future of EVs.
Cars using a Tesla Supercharger. | Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

J.D. Power’s review of Tesla Supercharger stations

J.D. Power conducted their first U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study and Tesla took the top spot in the results.
The study found that Tesla Supercharger stations provide the best DC fast charging experience compared to any other network. Tesla also had the best Level 2 chargers; its Destination chargers won over other public plugs.
The DC and Level 2 charging were scored on a 1,000-point scale. The results were based on a survey of 6,647 owners of EVs and plug-in hybrids. The Supercharger network earned 773 points, and the Level 2 plugs scored 689 points for satisfaction.
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What do consumers like about the Tesla Superchargers?

A lot of the time, Tesla Supercharger stations are the only ones available, so they automatically become the most accessible. EV owners are generally happy with their charging experience no matter which network they use. They scored their overall satisfaction with DC fast charging a 737 and Level 2 plugs 716.
Satisfaction improves for owners who have access to free charging. If an owner had to pay to access charging, their satisfaction score dropped from 706 to 673. The biggest factor that drops owner satisfaction is charger reliability.
Since Tesla has been in the game for a while, their charging infrastructure is a lot more established. 58% of consumers said that a major problem with EV chargers is an out-of-service connection.

Why is this study important?

This study and similar research may be important for planners to gauge issues with chargers and make them more accessible in the future. The J.D. Power study emphasizes how automakers can improve the charging experience and address consumers’ major pain points.
More states are committing to a zero-emission future and phasing out gas-powered vehicles, but EVs need to be more accessible for this to happen successfully. The lack of charging infrastructure, high initial costs of EVs, and range anxiety are some of the biggest obstacles to EV adoption.
Other automakers like
and Volvo have started to announce their commitments to EVs. As the competition increases, you can expect EV technology to continue to improve. If other brands want to win out over Tesla, they’ll have to pay attention to the results of studies like the J.D. Power one.
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