The Real Reason There Are So Many Car Insurance Commercials

Vivian Pham
· 4 min read
The car insurance industry is a trillion-dollar business that utilizes massive advertising budgets to entice potential customers and retain existing policyholders. With more than 225 million licensed drivers on American roadways, competition is fierce among the major car insurance companies.
Last year,
spent close to $2 billion on advertising to ensure every U.S. household was familiar with its animated spokesperson, the talking gecko. Jake from State Farm became a household name, with the car insurance giant spending more than $1 billion on advertising.
Consumers are inundated with daily ads for
cheap car insurance
. The airwaves contain a steady stream of car insurance commercials with constant incentives to save money.
In an industry that is becoming so competitive, using an app like Jerry is a great way to make sure you're getting the best rate. While the
car insurance
commercials may be entertaining, knowing the type of coverage provided is more beneficial.

The prevalence of car insurance commercials in modern media

Car insurance is unique in that all drivers need to have coverage to adhere to
state requirements
The highly competitive industry is spending massive amounts of money on television ads, social media, radio spots, print media, and online advertising to promote its product lines.
pointed out that "Most drivers in the U.S. are insured by the major players in the auto insurance game, and these companies are the ones that are investing the most money in television advertising."
The prevalence of car insurance commercials in modern media is more apparent than ever before. Companies are competing for customer loyalty, trying to keep consumers from switching to another provider.
Car insurance providers
push several campaigns at once to entertain viewers, making the brand seem both desirable and reliable, and the go-to choice when shopping for a new policy.
explains, "Most of these campaigns are zany, full of jingles and catchphrases. They tend to be the kind of ads that stick in your head."
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Methods car insurance companies use to engage customers

A 30-second commercial on CBS during the 2021 Super Bowl LV cost approximately $5.5 million. According to
, the winner of the ad war games was
State Farm.
They came out on top with a car insurance commercial that featured Drake paired with their spokesperson, Jake.
It was State Farm's first ad during the iconic sporting event, and it paid off tenfold when the commercial went viral. A television spot that ends up taking over social media is marketing gold.
Car insurance companies strive every day to receive that type of influence over consumers. Mascots, jingles, and celebrity spokespeople engage potential customers, helping them remember the insurance brand.
With every driver on the road needing some type of insurance, companies are eager to not only entice new customers but retain current policyholders.

The insurance industry is highly competitive

Car insurance companies are not shy about advertising.
Insurance Information Institute
said, "Auto insurance provides important, cost-effective financial protection to millions of Americans, and most drivers have dozen of auto insurers constantly competing for their business."
They go on to point out that "car owners have a multitude of choices when it comes to buying coverage as well as a variety of ways to obtain it: through an agent, over the phone, or online. Drivers should shop around if they feel as though their current auto insurer is not meeting their needs or charging too high a price."
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