The Best Car Insurance Apps, Ranked

The best car insurance apps are user-friendly, offer privacy protection, and provide additional agent support. So, does your favorite make the list?
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Edited by Kianna Walpole
car insurance premiums on the rise
, quote comparison and policy management apps are necessary now more than ever. While most drivers can benefit from
car insurance
apps such as State Farm and GEICO, only Jerry can provide end-to-end service for vehicle and insurance needs.

The best quote comparison apps

Auto insurance rates are rising for nearly all users, thanks to inflation and post-pandemic adjustments. However, when you use an app to pull quotes, compare rates, and unlock discounts, you can cut back on expenses and save on higher costs.
While it may seem like new apps are cropping up every day promising to save you money, we can guarantee that these three top contenders stay true to their word, and offer a variety of services to make the car insurance process seamless and efficient. 

1. Jerry (4.7 App Store rating)

is designed to simplify the rate-shopping process and car insurance management tasks. Not only is it easy to use, but the Jerry app offers additional features not available with any other comparison app. Take a look below to see what Jerry has to offer:
  • Comprehensive comparison: Jerry lets customers compare rates from over 50 carriers to help them find cheap car insurance options tailored to their needs, regardless of their driving record. The entire quoting process takes between one and two minutes after sign up.
  • Automatic rate shopping: Jerry continually compares rates before your insurance renewal, ensuring you're always getting the best coverage savings without any effort on your part.
  • DataLock Guarantee: Your data is protected with Jerry's DataLock Guarantee, ensuring the security of your personal information.
  • DriveShield
    : With added features like DriveShield and GarageGuard, you can track your driving habits to unlock discounts and manage your vehicle maintenance all in one location. 
Not only is Jerry a one-stop shop for your vehicle, it’s also an amazing savings tool. Jerry users save an average of $600 per year by switching to a cheaper policy.* Take a look at what real Jerry customers had to say about their experience with the app:
*Not everyone who shops with Jerry will find savings.
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2. Gabi (4.5 App Store rating)

The Gabi app offers a seamless experience to find the best rate in minutes. Unlike some comparison tools that require users to manually input their information, Gabi allows users to link to their current insurance account to help them search for an equal or better rate. Here are some other benefits associated with the Gabi app:
  • Extensive comparison: Drivers can get access to rates from at least 40 different insurance companies within two minutes of sign up. However, if there is a delay with your documentation, this process can take up to 48 hours.
  • Wide range of insurance products: Gabi allows users to compare rates for car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, umbrella insurance, and landlord insurance all at the touch of a button.
  • Referral program: Gabi offers a referral program for customers. Drivers can earn a $25-$50 Amazon gift card for each person who signs up with their unique link.
Keep in mind that Gabi requires drivers to use their existing policy information to generate quotes—meaning that it may be challenging to sign up if you’re seeking a policy for the first time. 

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3. Insurify (4.2 App Store rating)

Insurify's mobile app brings the process of comparing car insurance quotes to the customer’s phone, offering a hassle-free experience for users. They believe that everyone deserves cheap insurance, and their app helps them fulfill that mission. Here’s how: 
  • Quick and reliable comparison: Fill out a short form, set your desired coverage limits, and receive customized quotes from up to 70 different car insurance companies, ensuring you find the best option for your needs.
  • Car insurance discounts: Insurify factors in available discounts from name-brand providers and regional insurers to provide an accurate cost estimate tailored to your preferences.
  • Convenient purchasing: Drivers can purchase an insurance policy directly within the app, or speak to one of Insurify's licensed insurance agents over the phone for personalized assistance.
Another added bonus? Insurify also compares quotes for home insurance, providing drivers with assistance in two of the most fundamental areas in the business.

The best car insurance company apps 

Next to quote comparison apps, there are also car insurance company apps—mobile applications that are created and run by your insurance provider. These apps often offer features such as policy management, claims filing, and digital proof of insurance, but some have their own benefits that help them stand out amongst the crowd.

1. State Farm (4.8 App Store rating)

State Farm
's mobile app offers a wide range of features, from
roadside assistance
to uploading claim documents, all at your fingertips. Through the app, drivers can access their auto insurance ID card and track their claims to help streamline the post-accident process. 
Other benefits of the State Farm app include: 
  • Voice-to-text assistance: Drivers can use Siri to contact their agent with voice-to-text messages at any time.
  • Robust
    roadside assistance
    : State Farm's app offers a suite of roadside services, including towing, locksmith assistance, and gas/oil delivery.
  • Drive Safe & Save program: Drivers can enroll and save up to 30% or more on policies by demonstrating safe driving behaviors. The app integrates seamlessly with the pay-per-mile program to help drivers manage their habits with ease.
Although the State Farm app provides policyholders with several features, some app store customers reported being unable to see their bill until closer to the due date, or edit their payment amount when making payments in the app.

2. USAA (4.8 App Store rating)

's mobile app offers a comprehensive suite of services, including in-app claims filing and management, digital insurance cards, and virtual assistance. With its user-friendly interface, members can easily access their insurance on the go, while also using these other unique features:
  • Text prediction: The USAA mobile app can predict what you’re searching for while you type or talk, letting you find results faster and more efficiently. 
  • Secure login: Drivers can rest easy knowing that their data is secure. To login to the USAA app, policyholders can opt to use fingerprint, face ID, or voice recognition for added protection. 
  • View banking and insurance information at once: USAA doesn’t just provide car insurance—they also offer banking services, and with the app, members can see all of their financial transactions and insurance policy updates on their account dashboard.
However, it’s important to remember that USAA and its services are only for military members, veterans, and their families, meaning that not all car owners will be able to access their app. 

3. GEICO (4.8 App Store rating)

With helpful features to manage your policy and your vehicle, the
mobile app streamlines insurance tasks and vehicle upkeep—but the highly valuable vehicle care tool also helps policyholders stay on top of maintenance. Here’s how: 
  • Easy photo estimate feature: Upload photos of your damaged vehicle to the app and receive repair estimates in just 20 minutes.
  • Vehicle care tool: Keep track of your car's maintenance and service history with GEICO Mobile's Vehicle Care feature. Accessible within the app, it helps you stay on top of maintenance schedules and service alerts.
  • Vehicle records: Partnering with Carfax, GEICO provides insights into your vehicle's service history and manufacturer recalls.
And not only can customers access their auto insurance from the GEICO app, they can also
run quotes
to help them find cheaper policies for cars, motorcycles, boats, and even housing. Keep in mind that although you don’t need an account to run quotes in the app, you will need one to access other features. 

4. Progressive (4.8 App Store rating)

mobile app redefines insurance management with a range of features tailored to modern drivers, including quote comparison, an easy claims process, and a direct line to any other insurance policies you may hold (boat, motorcycle, etc.). But what really makes Progressive unique are these following additions: 
  • Insurance quotes: Receive quotes for other Progressive insurance products directly within the app.
  • Privacy protection: Progressive prioritizes privacy by encrypting and discarding personal information once submitted. This way, you can be sure your data is safe and not being sold to third parties.
While you can complete most things in the Progressive app, it’s important to note that you can't manage home, renters, condo, or umbrella policies just yet. Similarly, the
Snapshot program
requires a separate app to operate. 

5. Farmers (4.8 App Store rating)

With user-friendly features and convenient tools,
empowers policyholders to effortlessly access their policy and explore coverage options all from their smartphones. But that’s not all it does—Farmers also helps policyholders with these valuable features:
  • CrashAssist: An optional feature included with some policies that automatically detects if you've been in a crash and notifies authorities for help.
  • Document management: Drivers can view all documents related to their policy and vehicle in the app, making it easier to find important files when needed.
The Farmers app is a unique tool dedicated to helping drivers manage their car insurance—but not everything is accessible through the app. For example, Farmers’
Signal App
is its own platform, and those who own home or life insurance policies with Farmers may need to login using different credentials as they’re considered separate from auto insurance.  

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The benefits of car insurance apps

Car insurance apps offer a game-changing solution to manage insurance needs directly from your smartphone. If you’re looking into downloading or purchasing a car insurance app, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks you can expect with most providers:
  • Convenience (digital cards, file claims, etc.) 
  • Telematics and usage-based discounts
  • Direct agent access
  • Some apps, telematics programs, auto insurance policies, and insurance services may not be available in all states
  • There may be separate apps for different programs (i.e. telematics and auto insurance)
  • Privacy concerns
All in all, the best car insurance apps blend together ease of use and functionality, while also meeting their customers where they are. Several auto insurance companies have embraced mobile apps, allowing customers to manage their policies and vehicles at the touch of a button—but what should you be looking for specifically when selecting a car insurance app?

What to look for in car insurance apps

There are numerous car insurance apps on the market, and while all of them have their perks, there is no single app that is the best. Similar to shopping for insurance coverage, when shopping for a new app, not one size fits all. 
While we can’t help you select the best app for you, we can provide you with tips for what to look for when comparing different mobile applications:
App comparison checklist
Make sure you can file a claim, pull up digital proof of insurance, and get support for emergencies like car accidents or flat tires.
Data policies are also important to ensure your private information isn’t resold to third parties. Don’t sacrifice your privacy just for functionality.
Choose carefully if the app also includes a telematics program. Some apps can save you a huge chunk of change if you drive safely, whereas others could bump up your insurance premiums.
Overall, the best apps are high-quality, easy to use, and full of features that actually matter to you. Just like with car insurance, it’s important to consider all your options before making a decision, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice for your specific needs.


What is the best car insurance app?

earns the top spot for quote comparison mobile apps. However, when it comes to company-led applications,
State Farm
win out. Keep in mind that the best app for you may be different, so make sure to decide based on your car insurance policy management needs. 

Is the Jerry insurance app legit?

is a legitimate app and company launched in 2017. Backed by over 55 insurance partners, including
, and
, Jerry is trusted by some of the top providers in the industry

How much does a car insurance app lower your insurance?

If the app includes a telematics or usage-based program, you might enjoy rate cuts between 10 and 30%. Most offer a small discount on enrollment plus a bigger discount after you’re proven to be a safe driver. Be aware that some apps can raise instead of lower your insurance costs if you drive dangerously.

Which is the best app for buying car insurance?

is one of the best apps for buying car insurance. Jerry pulls quotes from 50+ insurers with speedy, user-friendly comparisons and a long list of valuable features that car owners will appreciate. It’s available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for iOS systems.

What is the best app for comparing car insurance rates?

and Insurify are the top apps for comparing car insurance rates. Both apps pull quotes from some of the best insurers in the industry, offering a quick and easy way to shop for car insurance. However, Jerry’s features and user interface earn better reviews from users, giving us a higher overall customer satisfaction score.

Are insurance driving apps a good idea?

If you already have a minimum or full coverage policy with the company, it’s a good idea to download their app to streamline policy management and tap into extra support. Some insurance providers have separate apps for their telematics programs. 
Either way, know that these programs are optional. It’s a good idea for safe drivers to use these apps, but all drivers can use non-telematics apps to bill pay, manage their policies, and access digital ID cards.

What is the best car insurance app for Android devices?

With 4.3 out of 5 stars and over 1 million downloads,
has the highest rating from Android users of any car insurance comparison and shopping app. In the Jerry app, you can compare quotes, bundle your homeowners and auto insurance, manage your vehicle repairs, and track your driving habits. 

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