Marrying a Gearhead? Check Out These Scrap Metal Rings

Serena Aburahma
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is too impractical given the amount of damage, it might mean it's time for a car to go to the scrapyard. If you have to get rid of your car, or if you just want a small piece of your dream car, scrap metal rings could be for you.
Rings made from scrap metal were already a thing, but one company is adding a twist for auto enthusiasts. According to
, Scrap Metal Comparison is turning scrap metal from cars into one-of-a-kind rings.
We can’t guarantee an “I do”, but we think you’ll get pretty close with these unique rings.

Scrap metal rings from cars

If you're looking for an engagement ring for a car fanatic, why not pick something that fits their interests? Scrap metal rings can take parts from their favorite car and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. 
These rings come from a collaboration between Scrap Metal Comparison, a UK company, and Edward Fleming, a jeweler. Each ring will be a true one-of-kind piece that combines scrap metal from cars with gems and other features.
A car enthusiast might not be able to afford that custom Bentley just yet, but they could get a custom ring made from their favorite car! When an interested buyer places an order, they could either pick metal from their dream car or use their own car that is being scrapped. This can allow a driver to keep a part of their favorite car that they had to say goodbye to.
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How does the process work?

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For the short version that matters to buyers, it takes about four to six weeks for the scrap to become a ring. This means that if you are preparing to propose with a scrap metal ring, be sure to prepare in advance. 
The process starts with selecting the car that you would like to use as the base for the ring. Scrap Metal Comparison claims that any car can be used for a ring. This means that if you know what your special someone's favorite car is, it can be turned into a ring.
Once the scrap metal has been acquired, it goes to jeweler Edward Fleming where it gets turned into a piece of auto-themed jewelry. The company claims that materials used in the rings are ethically sourced. Much like the metal, customers can pick what sorts of gems and features they want in their ring.

Great example pieces

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To show that this is not just a concept, Scrap Metal Comparison has released images of a few examples that show what scrap metal rings can look like. 
Lamborghini is known for high-end luxury vehicles like the $2.6 million Countach, and with a custom ring, you could literally wear a Lamborghini. The ring that took inspiration from Lamborghini is designed to look like the exhaust tip of a Huracan, and it is truly stunning.
For those who might want a ring based on a more consumer-friendly car, another option is based on the Ford Fiesta. This ring design is meant to look like the vehicle's headlights. 
For couples who love life on the road, scrap metal engagement rings could be the perfect representation of a relationship. If you're getting married, you will want to save as much as you can for the honeymoon, and
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