Lego Replicated a Toyota Supra—And It Drives

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Supra’s iconic design and trademark power have given it a devoted following. For many, it is a dream car, something they'd drive if they had the chance.
It is not uncommon to have a model of a dream car, a small-scale replica to have until one can afford the full thing. Lego has taken that a step further.
According to
The Drive
, Lego has made a full-scale replica of the Supra using their signature bricks. The replica is visually striking, fully resembling the car it's based on, and can even drive.
We could ask who did it better, Toyota or Lego? But, we’d rather know if we can take this brick-made bad boy out for a test drive.

The process of making the Lego Toyota Supra

This impressive Lego replica is on display at Legoland Japan, sitting next to an actual Toyota Supra. The Lego Supra manages to capture the curves of the sports car, despite being made with angular bricks and sports the bright yellow paint scheme the coupe is known for.
A significant amount of time and effort was put into this painstakingly accurate model, with the design process alone taking Lego experts 3,000 hours to complete. Then, they took an additional 2,400 hours to physically assemble the model Supra.
In total, this vehicle contains a whopping 477,303 Lego bricks. What’s even more surprising is that it weighs more than the real Toyota Supra. The model weighs 4,156 lbs compared to the original's weight of 3616 lbs.
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Yes, the Lego Supra runs

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Though the Lego Supra’s body is made of plastic bricks, it is built on a basic auto frame, and genuine Supra parts are seen alongside the Lego bricks. The wheels, seats, and steering wheel are all taken from the real Supra design.
So, despite its Lego exterior, the model Supra can run and drive. The model Supra is also powered by an electric motor, making this Lego car technically an EV.
This does not mean that the Lego Supra can compare to the original's speed, though. The Lego Supra can reach a top speed of 17 miles per hour. Still, considering it's made of Lego, that is an impressive feat.

The real Toyota Supra is impressive too

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A sports car made entirely of Lego bricks may be amazing, but the real Toyota Supra deserves credit for its power too. After Toyota ceased production of the Supra line in 2002, it returned in 2019.
According to
Car and Driver
, the 2022 Supra can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds. The eight-speed coupe offers a fun, powerful, and comfortable driving experience.
The new Supra does come with some controversy, though. Supra fans have mixed feelings about the revived Supra because they’re built alongside BMW vehicles. In many ways, people feel that they resemble BMWs more than Supras, and that is a major downside for some.
Regardless, the Toyota Supra is still an impressive car, even if it feels more like a BMW. Equally impressive, though, is the Lego replica that currently sits in Legoland Japan. For those interested, a real Supra has a starting price of $44,215, and the Lego Supra will be on display until October 11.
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