Is a Polaris Slingshot Canon for 'Batman' Fans? No, But Who Cares

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Alex Reale
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Batman recently showed up in Calgary,
. He was sporting his typical battle regalia and driving a Polaris Slingshot, which is a three-wheeled
. Painted in deep black with signature Batman logos adorning the front and sides, the Slingshot looks straight out of a DC comic book. But does it count as a true Batmobile?  
A Polaris Slingshot was spotted with “Batman” regalia in Calgary, Canada.

Not technically a sanctioned Batmobile

Technically, this Batmobile would not satisfy any die-hard fans. There have been many Batmobiles over the years, none of which are Polaris Slingshots. The
Futura from the ‘60s makes a good case for the top spot in the list of most iconic Batmobiles, with its black paint, red trim, and Adam West driving it. 
Following that, we saw the Batmobile morph from a classy car with a few bonus features into a tricked-out monster, more bat than car. George Clooney’s Batmobile (though his Batman was at best misunderstood) is one of these, with its winged cockpit and bladed fender. And then came Christopher Nolan. 

A 21st century Batmobile

Director Christopher Nolan, who took the helm of the Batman movie franchise in 2005, introduced a whole new look for the Batmobile. Batman guns around Gotham City in an intimidating tank of a vehicle called the Tumbler. 
The all-black monster boasts sharp angles and menacing tires. In a scene from The Dark Knight, Batman drives through a tunnel, hot on the heels of the Joker. He flips the Batmobile, jumps with it, and even uses it to brace against a semi. It’s a ridiculously versatile and strong vehicle, and it suits the dark aesthetic of the hero perfectly. 
On an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno speaks with one of the vehicle’s designers, who takes him through all the features that give the Christopher Nolan-era Batmobile its edge. He points out the big shocks and progressive suspension, which allow for epic bumps and jumps, and the hot air balloon burner on the back, which explains the big flames that accompany acceleration.
This was one of seven models that were built for the film, which cost between $500,000 to $1 million. Leno takes the Batmobile out on the streets for a drive, and the high-pitched scream of acceleration makes it clear that this car is made for fighting crime. 

It doesn’t have to be canon to be cool

Back in Canada, Calgary Batman’s Polaris was still turning heads. Sure, it would not pass muster for a Christopher Nolan film, but this hero goes by HolyBatman, and he does a ton of charity work, according to
. Whatever this guy is driving, he is more than worthy of the cape.
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