Superhero Fire Protection Review

Superhero Fire Protection offers a wide range of services, from equipment sales to fire protection system installation.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Superhero Fire Protection provides fire system design and installation for much of the Southeastern United States.
Unfortunately for home and business owners, structural fires are all too common—and costly! Having the right insurance to protect your property in the event of a fire is crucial, but so is investing in fire protection.
That’s why
, the
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designed to save you money on insurance, put together this guide on Superhero Fire Protection so you can learn more about the services they offer. We also sprinkled in some tips on saving money on your
homeowners insurance
when you invest in fire protection.
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What type of business is Superhero fire protection?

Superhero Fire Protection
offers a wide range of fire protection services to a large area in the Southeastern United States. They provide everything from equipment sales to system inspections from trained and licensed inspectors.
Some of Superhero’s services include:
  • Equipment sales
  • Fire system design and planning
  • Equipment installation and service
  • Fire system inspections

What fire protection services does Superhero offer?

Here’s a better breakdown of all the services Superhero has to offer:
  • Equipment sales: Superhero can provide your home or business with any fire protection equipment you might need, including sprinkler systems, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and extinguishers.
  • System design and planning: Whether you need a fire system for your single-family home, multi-family unit, or business, Superhero has highly-trained designers to help you plan out the system you need.
  • System installation: Once your system has been designed to meet your needs, the Superhero installation team will confirm all your equipment is installed and working properly.
  • Equipment servicing: Superhero offers 24 service, so if anything happens to your fire protection system, you can call their service line, and a technician will come to make repairs as soon as possible. 
  • System inspections: Superhero has licensed and trained inspectors to ensure your system is up to code and functioning properly.

What makes Superhero fire protection services unique? 

Along with its wide range of services, Superhero Fire Protection also stands out due to its large network range, 24-hour service line, and personalized customer service. 

Large network

Superhero Fire Protection has its headquarters in
, but its service network extends across much of the Southeastern United States, so home and business owners in multiple states can take advantage of its services.

24-hour service

Superhero understands that not all issues occur during regular business hours, so they offer a 24-hour service hotline for customers. If you have any issues with your fire protection system, call the hotline, and Superhero will get a technician out as soon as possible to service your system.


Superhero Fire Protection is a family-owned and operated business, which means they provide a personalized customer service experience compared to larger chain corporations.  

The downside: lacking some services

Although the list of services Superhero Fire Protection provides is pretty impressive, they don’t offer some services that larger companies might. Some larger corporations provide fire training and more specialized systems for special hazard areas, for example, while Superhero’s services are mainly focused on system installation and inspection.

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

Structural fires make up a quarter of all homeowners insurance claims, and in 2020 alone, fires were responsible for nearly $22 billion in damage. Having homeowners insurance that covers fire damage is crucial to protecting your property. Here’s how fire coverage can help:
  • Main dwelling coverage will cover the costs of rebuilding and repairs to your home.
  • Personal property coverage will help replace your belongings like furniture, clothes, and household items.
  • Additional living expenses coverage if you can no longer live in your home after a fire. This will cover your living expenses like hotel and food costs.
  • Liability coverage can pay for legal costs if you accidentally caused the fire. 
Keep in mind that the more insurance coverage you have, the higher your premiums are. However, there are ways you can reduce the amount you pay for homeowners insurance, including installing a fire protection system.
Since fires are so common, insurance companies will lower premiums or provide discounts for home or business owners that reduce their risk of property loss and damage by fire. Here are some things that might land you a discount with your company:
  • Installing a fire alarm with monitoring services
  • Installing an automatic sprinkler system
  • Building or remodeling your home or business with fire-resistant materials
  • Installing smoke detectors and keeping fire extinguishers in easy reach
Make sure you check with your insurance company about specific discounts they offer. You can also compare rates and discounts with multiple companies to ensure you’re getting the best rate with the

How to save money on homeowners insurance

Installing a fire protection system can earn you some discounts on your
homeowners insurance
premiums, and so can comparing rates with multiple companies with the
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