What Car Does Cruella De Vil Drive?

Cruella De Vil’s 1970s Panther De Ville is as iconic as the Disney villain’s crazy driving and fits of road rage.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
From the classic car chase in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (1961) to escaping the Baroness’ party in Cruella (2021), Cruella De Vil always drives the same iconic car—a 1970s Panther De Ville.
Cruella De Vil’s reckless driving is as infamous as her two-toned hair and her hatred of adorable puppies. But her 1970s Panther De Ville seems to survive it all—from falling into a ditch and ramming a truck off the road to driving on the wrong side of a one-way street and crashing into countless cars, trash cans, and trees.
Want to learn more about the car Cruella De Vil drives? Here are all the fun facts about this Disney baddie’s iconic car.
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Panther De Ville

Cruella De Vil is an imposing presence, just like her Panther De Ville. Cruella’s car is massive with an extra-long hood, a shrill horn, and headlights and bumpers that almost look like a glowering face.
The Panther De Ville was a neoclassic luxury vehicle made by British specialty carmaker, Panther Westwinds. Owned by such celebrities as Elton John and Oliver Reed, the car was designed to appeal to the affluent elite, and was considered one of the most exclusive cars of its era.
 Modeled after the Bugatti Royale, the Panther De Ville was the most expensive car you could buy in the United Kingdom during the 1970s. Only about 60 of them were ever produced, and each one was hand-painted and could be customized to extreme levels—with options including an interior ice maker, a television, and even a full bar!

101 Dalmatians (1961)

The 1961 animated film 101 Dalmatians introduced Cruella’s
road rage
—and her Panther De Ville. She’s shown running cars off the road, making drift turns in the snow, smashing through a wooden barrier, and even ramming a truck off the road. The car seems to inexplicably survive all of this unscathed until Cruella jumps it through a grove of trees after being slammed by Jasper and Horace’s van, and it begins to fall apart.
The animated Panther De Ville is depicted with an imposing maroon and black body, a screeching horn, and a manual transmission.

101 Dalmatians (1996)

The live-action remake of the film used a 1977 Panther De Ville with a black-and-white body to more closely resemble the car described in the original novel. The car was fitted with a Jaguar V8 engine for the movie and is shown to have an automatic transmission. It has a license plate that reads: DEV IL.

102 Dalmatians (2000)

102 Dalmatians used the same 1977 Panther De Ville, but the engine was replaced with a Chevy 350 V8 in order to allow Cruella to perform a power steer as she drives recklessly through the streets of Paris.

Cruella (2021)

The prequel movie uses a different Panther De Ville, which Disney purchased for the movie from a Mr. Peter Mayo. The car is still black and white with the DE VIL license plate, but it now has four seats instead of two. During the movie, Cruella remarks that she likes the name of the car and decides to adopt the surname De Vil after it.
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