How to Get Motorcycle Insurance

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If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance, compare rates from multiple providers and then select the policy that fits your needs and budget. Note that you’ll need separate insurance policies if you own both a bike and a car.
Just like with car insurance, there are a number of different factors that can impact your motorcycle insurance premium—some within your control, some not. Shopping around is the best way to ensure you’re getting the right coverage for the right price.
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How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Jerry users pay an average of $562 a year for motorcycle insurance. However, your specific cost will depend on a few factors unique to you: the state you live in, the specific motorcycle you own, your driving history, and the company that holds your policy.
An affordable motorcycle that only gets used occasionally will be less costly to insure. But a more expensive motorcycle that you use regularly for commuting will have a higher premium.
That same bike will be more expensive to insure if you have a history of traffic violations.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Your basic policy will cover liability, which pays for injuries and damage you cause to others—up to your limit. Liability also covers some legal costs if you get sued over an accident. Insurance policies are often described in a ratio like 25/50/20, which means:
  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $20,000 for property damage per accident
Motorcycle drivers should carefully consider whether they need a guest passenger policy.
Some companies offer this protection as part of your liability policy, whereas others sell it separately. If you frequently ride with a passenger, be sure to ask your insurer about this policy.
There are optional add-ons like uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and collision and comprehensive coverage. Most drivers opt for at least some level of collision and comprehensive protection.
These policies cover costs to repair your motorcycle if it gets damaged in an accident or other incident, like vandalism or inclement weather.

What motorcycle insurance is required?

Every state has different minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance. Nearly all states require liability coverage and some states require PIP, or personal injury protection.
Keep in mind that meeting your state’s minimum requirement is important, but you may wish to go above and beyond the minimum level. In some states, the minimum will not be enough to cover your costs in the event of a serious motorcycle accident.

Factors that impact your motorcycle insurance premium

Your insurance premium will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your personal profile, driving history, and your bike. If you’re a young driver and have a new, expensive motorcycle, you’ll likely have a higher insurance premium.

Your age

Younger drivers are perceived to be riskier, which means they typically have higher insurance rates. But despite your age, if you’re a new motorcycle driver you may still be considered high-risk until you get a good number of miles under your belt.

Your zip code

Urban areas with high crime and lots of traffic are inherently riskier. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, your insurance rate will probably be a bit higher than someone who lives in a quiet suburb or a rural setting.

Your driving history

Your driving history is a record of all the accidents and tickets you’ve ever had, whether you were on a motorcycle or behind the wheel of a car. If you have a clean driving record, you’ll be rewarded with cheaper insurance.

Your occupation

As strange as it might sound, studies show that some occupations are less risky than others. Teachers and scientists tend to have low insurance rates, while those who work in construction pay more. If you commute on your bike, you and your motorcycle face a higher risk of damage—and higher premiums.
Key Takeaway Your insurance rate is based on your driving history and how you plan to use your bike.

Finding cheap insurance rates for your motorcycle

Here are a few great ways to help you get the best deal on your motorcycle insurance premium.

Add anti-theft and safety features

You can usually reduce your rate by adding safety features to your bike. Anti-theft devices unlock a special discount, and there are lots of aftermarket options that qualify. Even parking your bike in a garage or alarming it can earn you a lower rate.

Get enough coverage (but not too much)

Make sure you’re not overpaying for unnecessary coverage. If your bike only costs $20,000 to replace, then you shouldn’t be paying for $50,000 worth of coverage.

Reduce your mileage

Low mileage earns you a discount, too. If you only take your bike out for occasional summer rides, tell your insurance company and they should give you a low-mileage discount.

Take a driving class

You can enroll in a specialized motorcycle training course or DMV class and decrease your rate even further. Just make sure it’s an approved course and keep the certificate—the insurance company will need to verify your participation.

Comparison shop

The old-fashioned way to shop around for insurance is to call a bunch of companies and attempt to negotiate over the phone. This can take days and you may not get the best rates.
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