How to Reset the Anti-Theft System on a Chevy Cruze

To reset the Chevy Cruze anti-theft system, you’ll need to use your Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter.
Written by Mariza Morin
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To reset the Chevy Cruze anti-theft system, sit in the driver’s seat with the door closed, press the unlock button, and step out of the vehicle with the door open. Then press the lock button on the door, close it, and the security light should turn off. 
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How to reset the Chevy Cruze anti-theft system

To manually reset your Cruze’s anti-theft light, you’ll need to sit in the driver’s seat with the door closed. Then, simply press the unlock button on the door and step out of your sedan or hatchback with the door still open. From here, you’ll proceed to press the lock button on the door and close it behind you. 
And that’s that! The anti-theft light on your Chevy Cruze should disappear and you’ll be ready to hit the road once more. 

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What does the anti-theft system on a Chevy Cruze do?

The anti-theft system installed on the Chevy Cruze is known as a passive theft-deterrent system. But what makes it “passive”? It’s passive because these types of security systems were designed to automatically allow the vehicle to arm itself when you turn them on, remove the ignition key, or anytime all the doors are closed. You don’t have to do a thing!
Passive theft-deterrent systems, like the one used in your Chevy Cruze, utilize an alarm system and an engine immobilizer to ward off unwanted intruders from stealing your vehicle. 
Your key includes a transponder that corresponds to the immobilizer control unit in your individual vehicle. Without an authorized key, your anti-theft system will not permit the vehicle to start. 
Typically, the security light in the instrument cluster of your Chevy will only appear if there’s a problem with arming or disarming the theft-deterrent system. If your Cruze sedan or hatchback doesn’t start, but the security light is on, you’ll have to turn the ignition off and try again. 
If turning your vehicle off and on again doesn’t work for you, you can try turning your Chevy Cruze on with your spare key. But if this doesn’t work either, then you might need to take your compact car to your local Chevy dealer. The dealer can service your theft-deterrent system and program a new Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter for you. 
Please note that a damaged RKE transmitter will not be able to start your vehicle

How to program a new RKE transmitter

If you need to program a new Chevy RKE transmitter (which you can get from a Chevy dealer or a locksmith), there are two ways to go about it depending on if you’re programming with or without two recognized transmitters. 
If you’re programming with two recognized transmitters, follow these instructions: 
  1. Turn off your vehicle and place the two recognized transmitters in your front cupholder.
  2. Take off the key lock cylinder cap on the driver’s door handle.
  3. Insert the key of the new RKE transmitter into the key lock cylinder outside the driver’s door and turn the key to the unlock position five times within 10 seconds.
  4. Replace the recognized transmitters with the new transmitter in your cupholder and press ENGINE START/STOP. 
  5. When the transmitter is successfully programmed, the Driver Information Center (DIC) will show it’s ready for the next transmitter to be programmed (if you need multiples).
  6. Grab the transmitter from the cupholder and press unlock and lock to test it out.
  7. Once it’s programmed, simply press and hold ENGINE START/STOP for 12 seconds and return the vehicle key to the transmitter.
If you’re programming without any recognized transmitters, this process will take about 30 minutes to complete. You’ll follow these instructions: 
  1. Turn off your vehicle and repeat Steps 2 to 3 from the previous instructions.
  2. Your DIC display will show the message REMOTE LEARN PENDING, PLEASE WAIT.
  3. After 10 minutes, the DIC displays will show the message PRESS ENGINE START BUTTON TO LEARN and then proceed to press ENGINE START/STOP.
  4. Your DIC display will show the message REMOTE LEARN PENDING, PLEASE WAIT once more. 
  5. You’ll have to repeat Step 3 two more times. After the third attempt, all known RKE transmitters will no longer work on your vehicle. 
  6. Your DIC display should show the message READY FOR REMOTE # 1.
  7. Set the transmitter in the front cupholder and then press ENGINE START/STOP.
  8. Repeat Steps 5 to 7 from the previous instructions to complete the programming. 

What can trigger the Chevy anti-theft system?

The passive theft-deterrent system in your Cruze offers peace of mind when it comes to potential car thefts, but that doesn’t mean false alarms don’t happen from time to time. Loud noises, such as gunshots, fireworks, or even thunder, could trigger the anti-theft system in your Chevy sedan or hatchback because it mistakes these sounds for an attempted break-in.  
Other possible reasons for a triggered anti-theft system include: 
  • Damaged car lock
  • Dead battery 
  • Defective immobilizer
  • Faulty RKE transmitter battery
If you’re not able to determine the problem with your anti-theft system, then you might have to take your Cruze to your local Chevrolet dealership. If you have a diagnostic scan tool at home, you can use this handy device to find out if there’s a mechanical issue. 

Can the Chevy Cruze anti-theft system lower your insurance rate?

It’s certainly a possibility! Many insurance companies will grant you a discount on your insurance rates when you install an anti-theft device in your vehicle—usually between 5% to 25% off your coverage.
But that’s probably not the only reason to expect a lower insurance premium with the Chevy Cruze. The compact car has lower-than-average ownership costs with an above-average reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, according to RepairPal. 
And depending on the safety features included in your Cruze, your provider might offer you some incredibly low insurance rates. 
But if you’re looking for even more savings, you can install an additional aftermarket anti-theft device on your Chevy Cruze, like an active alarm system, to possibly lower your rates further. 

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