Google Maps Can Help You Find Your Parked Car

Tina Joseph
· 3 min read
isn’t the easiest task in busy parking lots or big city roads. One of the most stressful experiences is trying to remember where you
parked your car
. Google understands this, so in 2017, they added a feature to Google Maps that allows you to save the location of your parked car.
This feature is relatively unknown, but it’s available on Android and Apple devices, according to
Motoring Research
. The Maps app can also help you find charging stations for your electric vehicle (EV).
Google Maps has some useful features you might not know about | Twenty20

Save your parking on an Apple device

The process for setting your parking spot on Apple iOS devices is simple. If you open Google Maps, a blue icon indicating your car's location will appear by the pin that shows where you are.
Tap the blue location dot and several options should pop up on the screen. There should be a "Set as parking location" option. You can also share your location with friends and family that want to know where you are.
If your Apple device is connected to your car through a cable or Bluetooth, it’ll automatically save your location. This can be helpful if you’re in a rush or forget to set your parking location yourself. If you didn't save your location, you can enter a landmark that you remember parking near to narrow down where to look.
To find your saved parking location, you just have to open Google Maps and click the "You Parked Here" marker. You will be able to route to the location.
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Save your parking on an Android device

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You’re in luck if you own an Android device, because Google Maps has extra features for the "Save my parking" tool. You follow the same steps to save your location as an Apple device, but the option is named "Save your parking" on Android.
Tapping on the blue location icon will let you add details like parking notes and enter the time left before your parking ticket expires. You can get a reminder from Google Maps 15 minutes before the ticket expires. If you’d prefer a visual, you can take a picture of your location, and add photos to the parking details.

Google Maps helps you find charging stops for electric vehicles

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Many EV owners are worried about how to keep their cars charged on longer trips. Motoring Research reported that early this year, Google announced a new update that will help you plan routes with public charging stations along the way.
This feature is integrated into the Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2. Google plans on making this feature compatible with more cars soon. If you drive other EVs, you can use Google Maps to find charging points and get live status updates about whether it’s in use.
Google frequently updates their Maps app, so be sure to look out for new features and uses.

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