How to Use Audi Park Assist

Audi Park Assist is an advanced parking technology that can steer your car into parallel or perpendicular parking spots. Here is how you use it.
Written by David Ghanizadeh-Khoob
Audi Park Assist is now available in most models with the Prestige trim. Audi Park Assist can maneuver your vehicle into parallel and perpendicular parking spots with the push of a button. 
Audi has a reputation for creating stylish, comfortable, and reliable luxury vehicles. For the last couple of decades, Audi has been working on improving its assisted driving features. Now, in 2023, state-of-the-art assisted parking technology can be added to all Audi models.
In this article, we will go over what drive-assisted parking options are available in new Audi models, and how to activate Audi Park Assist. 
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How to activate Audi Park Assist

Park Assist is an advanced safety option available in most Audi models that can take control of the steering wheel and park your Audi for you. Audi Park Assist can maneuver
and perpendicular parking with the push of a button. 
Audi Park Assist is activated by pressing the self-park button on the center console or display screen. The screen will give you a series of parking options. Select the one that suits the situation and follow the instructions on the screen.
When you activate Park Assist, you still control the brakes and accelerator and shift between drive, reverse, and park. When you engage park assist, your Audi’s backup camera screen will provide directions for you to follow to allow the system to proceed with parking.
Follow the instructions on the screen to pull forward until the system tells you to stop, shift into reverse and let Park Assist control the wheel into the parking spot. Front and rear sensors will beep when you approach an obstacle to direct your braking and accelerating.
When you want to exit a parking spot, again press the self-park button, signal the direction to plan to exit and follow the instructions on the screen, until it tells you to take control of the steering.
Audi Park Assist can help make parking a piece of cake, but there are a couple of things to remember:
  • Park Assist is not a fully autonomous self-parking system. You still control the brakes and gas pedal, and you are still responsible for monitoring your surroundings. You are still accountable for any accidents during assisted parking.
  • Park Assist is not perfect. Assisted parking is particularly susceptible to errors when there are protruding objects, pillars in parking garages, or curved roadways.
If you are experiencing any issues with your Audi Park Assist, refer to your owner’s manual or contact a local Audi dealership.

Do all Audis have Park Assist?

Audi offers two assisted parking options, the Parking System Plus and Park Assist. Both options are available in all Audi models with certain package or
trim upgrades
. Many Audis come standard with Parking System Plus, but very few come standard with Park Assist.
Parking System Plus is a parking assistance system that helps guide the driver through the use of front and rear sensors that make a noise when you approach an object. The sound will change if you are about to collide with the object.
Park Assist, on the other hand, will find a parking spot for you, and maneuver the car into the spot for you, guiding you through the process using the display screen.

Which Audis have Park Assist?

Each year, Audi has made Park Assist available on more models. In 2020, it was only available on the
coupe, and
For 2023 models, Park Assist is available on all Audi models with an upgrade to the Prestige trim, or by adding the convenience package. 
Audi’s Parking System Plus has become standard equipment on all new models except the A3 and A4. To get Parking System Plus or Park Assist on the A3 or A4, you will have to select the convenience package or the premium plus package.
If you are in the market for a new Audi, ask your car dealer about how to add park assist to the model you are interested in. 
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