Can I Grow Plants in My Car?

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Plant lovers rejoice, as it turns out you can grow plants in cars. It’s pretty easy and simple too! Whether you drive an old car or a new
electric vehicle
, your car can support greenery in your set of wheels. Who knows, maybe plants will be the
cool new car accessory
Even if you don’t have a green thumb yet, this just might be your start!

How can I grow plants in my car?

The first thing you'll want to consider is your climate and the time of the season. Those who live in colder climates may want to wait to start until the spring. Drivers in more temperate or warmer climates can probably start sooner.
During the summer months, be sure to keep your windows cracked and park in the shade when possible so your plants don't die from overheating. The best place to put plants is in cup holders or center consoles. Any container that is flat and can secure a container will work.
We do recommend using an easy-to-remove pot instead of pouring soil directly in. That way you can remove the plants when cold weather arrives and you can have a rotation of plants between your car and home.
Not to mention that growing plants directly in cup holders will probably hurt your car's resale value.
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Plants that do well in cars

With enough research and commitment, you can probably grow just about any small plant in your car. But for simplicity's sake, here are some low-maintenance plants that we think will do well in any climate, as recommended by
Gardening Know How
Snake Plant This plant is very low maintenance. Its unique shape will add some pizzazz to your ride. The snake tongue is also one of the best plants for air purification, so you'll always be breathing fresh air while driving. They don't like cold weather though, so be sure to bring them inside during the colder months.
Scented Geraniums Geraniums are cute little plants that will do well in cars. Countless types of scented geraniums produce different aromas. Some popular examples include spice, mint, rose, and many fruit scents. You could consider it an all-natural car freshener.
Lucky Bamboo Technically, Lucky Bamboo isn't really bamboo, so you don't have to worry about a giant plant in your car. It needs to be grown in water, so be sure to keep splashing in mind. It will require finding the perfect container to work and once it gets to a certain size, it will likely need to be transplanted indoors.

Benefits of having them in your car

Besides just being awesome, car plants will bring nice little benefits to your driving experience. They will surely be a conversation starter anytime you welcome a guest into your car.
The plants will also detoxify the air, creating fresh oxygen for you to breathe in. Many plants will also produce their own aroma, creating a pleasant experience every time you drive. You will want to make sure your plants are protected by giving them the right amount of water and fertilizer when necessary.
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