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A Sign That Toyota Is Not Ready To Go Electric
President of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, questions Japan’s decision to ban new gas engines by 2035. He thinks this will affect Japan’s strengths in the auto manufacturing industry, but his comments have received criticism.
Collette Watts
Jun 11, 2021
Tesla Was Surprisingly Missing From Autotrader's 'Best Electric Cars for 2021'
Tesla is still a new company, and there are well-documented struggles from people who own a vehicle from Tesla. However, you might’ve still expected it to land on Autotrader’s list of the Best Electric Cars for 2021.
Aleena Juarez
May 31, 2021
Is Synthetic Gasoline More Eco-friendly Than Electric Cars?
You’ve heard about electric cars, but what about e-fuels? Can synthetic gasoline make cars more environmentally friendly?
Jane Lu
Jun 03, 2021
3 Important Things To Know When Shopping for Electric Cars
Buying an electric car is similar in almost every way to buying a regular gas car. However, there are a few important things you should know before shopping for an EV.
Jane Lu
Jun 08, 2021
Toyota Unveiled Key Details About Its Future Electrified Lineup
Toyota has been dominating the auto industry for years. However, with the future of the industry shifting to electric cars, what is Toyota's plan to stay on top?
Bradley Davison
Jun 07, 2021
Another State Just Made a Big Step Toward Banning Gas-Powered Cars
It seems to be the general consensus that electric cars are the future. But some states are taking concrete steps to ban gas-powered cars in the near future.
Nelly Bellamy
May 18, 2021
How to become an Electric Car Mechanic
Electric vehicles are a lucrative industry that is reducing harmful emissions.
Rochelle Miller-Hernandez
Jan 30, 2021
How to Find Eco Friendly Cars
Finding the right eco friendly car for you involves knowing the types of cars out there, researching, and using online tools to select the best models.
Nicholas Wilson
Oct 23, 2020
How to Take Advantage of a Hybrid or Electric Car Tax Credit
Take advantage of tax breaks on hybrid vehicles by identifying specific models, understanding the rules, and reading the fine print.
Amber Dowler
Jan 08, 2021

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