All About Toyota Camry ECO Mode

With Toyota Camry ECO mode, you can save fuel and money with more efficient driving.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Pat Roache
When in ECO mode, your Toyota Camry reduces throttle response to keep the engine at lower RPMs. This results in milder acceleration and a slower response time, but also better fuel conservation. Estimates range that driving in ECO mode combined with good driving habits can lower your fuel consumption between 2% and 20%.
ECO mode intelligently reduces your Camry’s energy consumption while still maintaining a comfortable driving experience. All new Toyota vehicles come equipped with ECO mode to help you make your Camry (or Rav4, or C-HR) more fuel-efficient. Toyotas also come with SPORT mode, which is designed to strictly optimise performance. 
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What is Toyota ECO mode?

All new Toyota vehicles come with ECO mode, a standard driving setting that works to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and your driving habits.
The Toyota Camry ECO mode does the following:
  • Lowers your vehicle’s throttle response to induce smoother acceleration and reduce fuel and energy use, as well as
  • Reduces your heating and air conditioning capacity, your fan speed, and the power of other components to save energy and fuel.
ECO mode helps lower your car’s emissions and risky driving behavior. For instance, as ECO mode modulates throttle response, you won’t be able to accelerate or brake harshly—two actions that can significantly sap your fuel economy and stress your Camry’s powertrain.
And while you can’t set your top speed in Toyota’s ECO mode, using ECO mode can help you become a better driver as you’ll get used to driving with less throttle response (i.e. a reduced ability to floor it).
Toyota’s ECO mode is particularly useful for city driving, as it works better when less power is necessary. ECO mode is also handy for stop-and-go traffic, as it automatically shuts off the engine when stopped, to prevent idling.

Does Toyota ECO mode save fuel?

According to both Toyota and many Toyota owners, ECO mode can lower your Camry’s fuel consumption by between 2% and 20%.
But using ECO mode alone won’t accomplish this—your driving habits are just as important when it comes to saving fuel. Less aggressive driving is not only smarter and safer, but it’s also less taxing and fuel-intensive on your Camry. If you train yourself to drive more serenely and consistently using ECO mode, you can significantly lower your fuel consumption.

Does Toyota ECO mode charge the battery?

Toyota’s ECO mode won’t charge your battery, but there is a benefit—using ECO mode consistently means your engine and vehicle components won’t work as hard as they would in Normal or Sport driving modes. When in ECO mode, the fact that your battery isn’t working as hard means it might last a fair bit longer.

What’s the difference between Toyota’s Normal mode, Sport mode, and ECO mode?

Normal mode is just that—the “normal” way that your Camry was designed to drive. 
While in Normal mode, you’ll be able to accelerate your Camry as you’ve come to expect. Your heating, air conditioning, fan, and other electrical components will also work as normal, but all this “normal” operation means you won’t be reducing your fuel consumption at all.
In terms of Sport mode? This mode helps push your Camry to its limits, but you certainly won’t be saving any fuel while doing so—you’ll be consuming it more than ever!

How to turn Toyota ECO mode on and off

Turning ECO mode on and off is simple: the ECO, Normal, and Sport buttons are located in the center console below the shifter. Simply push the ECO button to go into ECO mode, and you’ll see a green ECO indicator light up on your instrument cluster. To turn ECO mode off, just push the Normal button.

Is Toyota Eco mode worth it?

ECO mode can be worth it, but you will need to adjust your driving habits if you want to get the full benefits from it. Using ECO mode consistently while improving your driving habits will also lower your Camry’s emissions, thus helping the environment—a win for everyone!
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