5 Cool, Affordable, and Convenient Car Accessories You'll Want to Have

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
There are so many reasons people
accessorize their cars
, whether it’s to be that lovely person barreling down the street with a
modified muffler
with absolutely nothing to prove, or getting a simple AUX cord to play some tunes.
But with so many out there, where do you even start?
Auto Guide
recently made a list of their favorite car accessories, and we picked our top five must-haves.
Car accessories can really improve and enhance your driving experience so you can drive with ease.

Trash can

Trash cans are great for people who do everything on the go and want to keep their cars clean. We guess you could also get one if you have a family or a long road trip, but we know ourselves, and well…for under $20, it’s a good idea regardless!
There are a variety of trash cans you can choose from, including some that attach behind the headrest or center console.
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Mini fridge

We started with a pretty bad pun about this being a "cool" item, but thankfully we decided against it.
Mini fridges are great for road trips, families, or to keep groceries fresh before you get home. The real reason you want one though is so you can show everyone how awesome you are by having a nice, cold beverage ready for them when they come into your car.
A lot of mini-fridges are portable so you don’t have to leave them in your car. You just need to make sure it can plug into a car outlet and check that the dimensions work for your space. Car mini-fridges are also not too expensive, with some great options under $60.


Dashcams are a practical investment for any car, and they’re pretty affordable these days with many options being below $100. Even if you're a safe driver, dashcams can back up your story and save you a ton of money if you’re ever in an accident.
We recommend getting a camera with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). WDR is the standard for most security cameras because they can illuminate areas that have strong light imbalances. You should also consider looking into a camera that also has a wide angle.

Back and neck massager

Need we say more? Obviously, this is a great option for people with stressful commutes or jobs. Or you can have no other reason besides "treat yourself" and we love that for you.
Search for "car massager" when shopping to find models that easily strap to car seats. As a bonus, look for ones that detach easily so you can use them at work or home. For luxury that won’t break that bank, prices range from $60-$200 depending on the features you’re looking for.

Bluetooth radio transmitter

If you have an older car, unless you enjoy the sound of radio commercials, a Bluetooth radio transmitter is a terrific investment. These are generally pretty small (so they’re not in the way) and they plug into a car's charging port.
It can take a little guessing to find the best radio frequency, but once you do, your driving experience will be forever changed. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite podcasts and music at the touch of a button.
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