Where Can You Charge Your Rivian Vehicle?

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
Rivian is the auto industry's rising star for all-electric vehicles in a satisfying range of utility designs. Even with
, we are finally seeing the first releases of the R1T electric pickup truck by Rivian with the sports utility R1S not far behind.
As we take these
electric vehicles
on test drives, one question comes clearly to mind: what about charging stations?
Rivian has truly great plans to keep their drivers covered mile after mile with not just one, but two roadside charging networks as part of their investment in a cleaner, more convenient driving future.
Rivian is making their presence known and showing that they are a fierce competitor in the EV race.

Rivian rolls out two EV charging networks

Rivian knows that drivers will need EV charging stations and the company plans to offer a best-in-class system to rival other public and private charging networks. To do this, they have already started rolling out two EV charging networks, one private for Rivian car owners and one even larger charging network open to the EV driving public.
When you buy a Rivian vehicle, you join the Rivian Adventure, and not just metaphorically. The Rivian Adventure charging network will consist of 3,500 fast-charging stations reserved for subscribed Rivian owners and drivers.
The Rivian Adventure chargers will initially reach a 200kW charging speed, with plans to dial it up later to 300 kW and even faster charging. Rivian's goal is to provide their exclusive drivers with enough juice to get another 140 miles in just 20 minutes of charging.
The Waypoint charging network will consist of 10,000 charging stations open to all EV drivers who need a charge-up. These will have more modest and typical charging speeds and cover a much larger area than Rivian Adventure chargers.
The initial roll-out of Waypoint charge stations will focus on Colorado and
Tennessee state parks
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Planning to steal the EV customer market

Rivian's dual charging networks show a bold move toward dominating the EV market.
Already ahead of rival EV releases, Rivian is now looking to best Tesla's slow movement to public chargers and increase the benefits of buying a Rivian vehicle with elite charging and services as part of the eco-friendly luxury package.
Every Rivian vehicle owner will gain the benefit of faster charging and further distances with the Rivian Adventure charging network, according to
At locations with Rivian charging, Rivian drivers can be sure they will be fully charged in the time it takes to grab a quick lunch or answer a few emails.
New buyers will enjoy an extended free trial of the Rivian Adventure membership—indefinitely until it's been announced otherwise.
Rivian has thought ahead in their Adventure membership modeling. Every new Rivian driver, and Adventure subscribers in the future, can rely on Adventure Extraction services for rescue —just in case you run out of power on the road without a charging station on site.
Rivian goes above and beyond for green energy enthusiasts with their promise that every charge will be supplied by renewable energy sources. Rivian will cover every charge, even from your home, with renewable energy purchases to ensure green energy is supported by those who choose to drive Rivian's EV models.

What does the future hold for Rivian EV charging stations?

Right now, there aren’t many places to charge the initial Rivian models being released. Installation on the first few hundred Waypoint and Adventure stations has just started.
Drivers of R1Ts and R1Ss can find the first Rivian Waypoint installations in state parks, mainly in Tennessee and Colorado state parks at first. Soon, however, we expect to see a competitive roll-out as Rivian strives to take the lead in every corner of the EV market.
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